DIA to open Pikes Peak lot ahead of another busy weekend – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-10-22 01:24:58 –

The Denver-Pikes Peak Shuttle Parking Lot will reopen temporarily this weekend as Denver International Airport anticipates another busy weekend of travel.

From 7 am to 9 pm on Fridays and from 4:30 am to 5 pm on Saturdays, the parcels will be open for passengers to park.

The airport is opening lots as it expects economy lots and garages to reach capacity. This is a concern for DIA in the last few weeks, including weekends. Indigenous Day and Columbus Day And just last week..

The airport recommends that travelers spend extra time heading to the airport. Passengers should arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before boarding time and plan an additional 45 minutes to arrive at the terminal if parked at Pikes Peak Lot. Shuttle time is In-progress bus driver shortage..

Only credit and debit cards are accepted at Pikes Peak Lot and the parking fee is $ 8 per day. The parcels are on 75 Av and N. Elk Street.

Economy lot passengers should also expect to spend more time waiting for the shuttle while Pikes Peak lot is open.

The airport also expects that all other parking facilities servicing the airport will be at or near capacity and will ask passengers to look for other modes of transportation where possible, such as RTD A-Line and ride sharing. I recommend it.

DIA recommends passengers Check the parking lot status Before heading to the airport.

The airport wants to permanently reopen the Pikes Peak shuttle parking lot before vacation, depending on its ability to hire additional bus drivers.Bus drivers can visit and apply for work here Also here..

DIA to open Pikes Peak lot ahead of another busy weekend Source link DIA to open Pikes Peak lot ahead of another busy weekend

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