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Dialing 911 from a cell phone: Tips to teach your kids – Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) — Kids need to know how to call 911, but it’s not as easy as when we were kids. Most homes don’t have landlines, so it’s not enough for most children to call and dial.

Thanks to mobile phones, it’s like the process of calling 911, but that’s what our kids should learn — and fast.

Candace Ochalik, Virginia Beach’s 911 Operations Supervisor and Training Supervisor, said:

Ochalik admits that mobile phones can be difficult to use for young children, but with some practice, she says it is possible. First, I will teach you how to access the keypad of your mobile phone.

on iPhone There is a home screen button at the bottom, click the button. The word “emergency” is displayed at the bottom left of the screen. Teach your child to touch the word, then dial 911 on the screen.

“Once they reach the keypad they need to press, the green cell phone button to actually send, or some phones actually say the word’send’,” Ochalik said. ..

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NS Android, For iPhones that don’t have a home screen button, tap the side button and swipe up to go to the keypad. The word “emergency” is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Click on the word, dial 911 and press the green button to send.

Another easy option for iPhone users: Press and hold the power and volume buttons at the same time. After a few seconds, a screen will pop up showing the red “Emergency SOS” tab. Swipe the tab to the right. The phone will automatically call 911.

The new Android smartphone also has the ability for the user to dial the 911 by quickly pressing the power button five times in a row. This will start the countdown before calling the emergency service dispatcher.

If your phone has facial recognition, Ochalik suggests another option.

“Maybe put your child as a second face, which will allow your child to recognize and have easy access to the keypad,” she said.

No matter how you teach your child to dial 911 on their mobile phone, don’t forget to practice, practice and practice.

“The sooner the better. Children are smarter than we give them credit,” Ochalik said.

After your child learns how to call 911, the next step involves teaching the coordinator what to say.

“The biggest thing is the place. That’s the first thing we ask the caller,” Ochalik said.

She also says it is very important for your child to know your full name. For them you are a “mama” or “daddy”, but keep in mind that your real first and last name is the information the coordinator needs to know.

“What are locations, names, phone numbers, and emergencies,” Ocharic said.

All the information can save your life someday.

If you are interested in becoming Virginia Beach’s 911 Calltaker, the city employs.

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