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Update (5/5/22): Amber Heard Her ex-husband Johnny Depp In his testimony on Thursday, May 5, he wrote on the wall of blood after a very fierce debate about amputation during his stay in Australia in 2015. She didn’t remember the moment her finger was partially cut, but she remembered going downstairs the next morning and seeing him write on the wall of blood. “I saw this brown on the wall going down the stairs, and the brown on the wall became transparent like lettering, and it was clear that it was dry blood,” she said. I did. “It was intended to be a message, but it was inconsistent. It looked like my name, but I can’t understand most of the rest of the message going down the stairs. was.”

Amber explained that she went down to the bottom of the stairs to her painting studio and saw a mess containing paint and blood. She said she saw him wrapping his hand. She noticed that she was writing with his finger, and she later noticed that it was cut off, she said. “I summarized what he was using his fingers [as a paintbrush]”She explained.” I understood he was losing his finger. He lifted it up a bit and I said, “What did you do?” Amber said. Continued telling him to contact his bodyguard Jerry Judge. “I said,’If you don’t call Jerry now, I’ll call 911.'”

Amber took the position of a witness in a defamation trial against her ex-Johnny Depp. (Shutterstock)

Update (4/20/22): Johnny Depp I talked more about the case he claimed Amber Heard A part of the middle finger was amputated during the testimony at the defamation trial on Wednesday, April 20. He said the two were discussing after discussing a post-marital agreement, which was only “escalated.” He claimed that her ex-wife was “angry” and tried to lock her in another room to escape, but she “struck her door, shouted obscene words, and had a physical quarrel. I wanted to. “

After hearing the actress leave, he revealed that he had left the room, but was still upset by her yelling at him. “I was messed up. I was a shipwreck. I was trembling but I couldn’t understand why all this was happening,” he explained. Johnny said he went to the bar and took a few pictures after being drunk for months, but Amber was angry when he saw him drinking. “She approached me and reached out for her vodka bottle and grabbed her. She then stood up a bit and she threw it at me,” he said. “It just passed my head and broke behind me.” Johnny went on to say that he took another shot from a larger bottle of vodka after she threw the bottle. “Then she grabbed the bottle and threw it at me.” He said a large bottle hit his hand at the end of the bar. “It touched everywhere and shattered,” he said.

Johnny details allegations that Amber threw a bottle of vodka with a piece of his finger amputated at him. (Evelyn Hockstein / AP / Shutterstock)

Johnny said he didn’t feel any pain, but rather dripping into his hands. “Looking down, I noticed that my fingertips were amputated. The bones were sticking out and I was looking directly at the flesh inside my fingers. Blood was spilling,” he said. rice field.

The actor explained the perception he had shortly after the discussion. “I knew in my heart and in my heart. This is not life,” he said. “No one needs to experience this.”

After the incident, Johnny explained that he looked like “memory weakness” and wrote with his blood on the wall. He said he wrote “a little reminder from our past that represents her lies she told me and the lies I caught her.”

After cutting his finger, he went to say he didn’t understand what Amber had told him. I can’t remember anything, but it’s like white noise, and very often I’m just screaming at me with this messy, high-pitched, constant attack of insults. And I was a little shocked, “he said.

After the incident, Johnny claimed he told his doctor that his finger was caught in the accordion door. He said the doctor told him that the injury was a “scratch of speed” after a photo of Johnny’s injury was shown to the jury and he told him he was caught in the door. Then he said he went to the surgeon who had reconstructive surgery on his fingers.

original: Johnny Depp When Amber Heard We will return to court for a lengthy defamation trial and we are here to analyze the details of their often volatile relationships. Johnny accused Amber of cutting his finger during a fierce battle. Prior to their trial, find out what really happened between the previous couple.

What happened with Johnny Depp’s fingers?

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp
Amber Heard & Johnny Depp (Shutterstock).

Back in 2016, Graphic photos are here A photo of Depp’s amputated fingertips after a fierce discussion with his estranged wife at the time. In the photo, Obtained by TMZ, The doctor has what was alleged to be the actor’s amputated finger.Depp was reportedly injured in 2015 while the pair was staying in Australia while he was filming. Pirates of the Caribbean Initially I blamed the incident on my own. Actor bodyguard, Malcolm ConnollyTold the court during Johnny Defamation trial against Sun In 2020 he first reported that he was responsible for his fingers to protect his then-wife. Parents..

“The usual victim pattern is to protect the abuser for some reason. You know psychological bullying … they meet the same standards and never provide information,” said the bodyguard. Said. Then he claimed he had never seen Depp attack Hard and other women. “I don’t allow men to hit women. Whoever he is. Even if he is my boss. Even if he is the Pope.”

Then Depp Changed the story To imply his ex, in a $ 100 million defamation proceeding, Hard claimed to be the one who hurt his finger by “throwing a bottle” at him during a fierce conflict.

“While in Australia, I shot a movie about a month after I got married. [Amber Heard]The day the lawyer at the time heard the need to sign a post-marriage agreement with me, she became ferocious and began throwing bottles at me, “Dep claimed in a new court document.according to Daily mail.. The publication stated that they had obtained a legal document. Lamb diary The actor claims that when he was seriously injured in 2015, it was not an accident (or, as Hard claimed, a bout of jealous anger), but a deadly attack.

“The first bottle passed my head and missed, then she threw a large glass vodka bottle. The bottle struck a marble countertop where my hands were resting and exploded,” Daily said. The mail said Depp said in a court document. “The impact of the projectile shattered the bones of the fingers and completely amputated the fingertips. Three surgeries were required to reconstruct the fingers and infect MRSA. [Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a form of a staph infection] “Three times,” Depp said in his declaration. He was afraid of losing his fingers, his arms, and his life. “

I heard that Johnny’s injury was previously claimed in court documents as a self-harm.She Claim During his stay in the villa, he was allegedly drunk and high, infuriating bottles and windows, then cutting off his fingertips and immersing his injured finger in dark blue paint. From there, Depp is said to have written various words in the mirror, such as “Billy Bob” and “Easy Amber.”I heard he starred in a movie with Billy Bob Thornton In 2015, she claims that Depp accused him of sleeping with Billy Bob during the shoot.

Depp accused his ex-wife of forging her injuries after accusing him of domestic violence, in addition to accusing him of hearing him attacked with a bottle of vodka. “I first stepped into court in May 2016 to get a temporary detention order with witnesses and bruises shown in surveillance footage that she didn’t own every day last week. Since making them, I have violently denied Mr. Hard’s claim. ” Depp said In a declaration he submitted to the court. “I will continue to deny them for the rest of my life. I have never abused Mr. Hard or any other woman.”

What’s happening now?

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard
Johnny Depp & Amber Heard (Joel Ryan / AP / Shutterstock).

The couple confirmed the divorce in 2018, which seemed to be over, but Depp quoted her editorial in December 2019 and sued her for defamation. Washington post.. She has never nominated Depp, but she claimed that she “had an unusual vantage point to see in real time how the facility protects a man accused of abuse.” .. Depp argued that the work “relies on the central premise that Mr. Hard was a victim of domestic violence and that Mr. Depp committed domestic violence against her.”

Adam WaldmanJohnny Depp’s lawyer said HollywoodLife.com In a statement at the time, “Johnny is happy that his words have finally been heard, but the media has largely ignored his overwhelming factual evidence of what Mr. Haad committed. I’m dissatisfied. “

The trial will begin next week in Fairfax, Virginia, after Depp has been postponed several times since the proceedings were filed in March 2019. It’s getting ugly, as many well-known individuals are set to testify as witnesses, as if things weren’t ugly enough.Around deadlineI heard she is Pineapple Express Co-starring James Franco Plus actress Ellen Barkin Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Who is she Currently rumored to be relevant) I will testify on her behalf. Wandavision actor Paul Bettany After the actor’s text with Depp was published in the last trial, he effectively testifies about Depp.

The trial was broadcast live on TV and with CourtTV online..

“The proceedings of this same degree of attention often generate a lot of noise. It can be difficult for viewers to break through these distractions and get a clear picture of the facts, but that’s what it is. It’s our turn, “Ethan Nelson, head of the court’s television deputy, said in a press release. “Between a direct camera feed from the court and our prestigious lineup of talents, Court TV will be a true source of a fair and half-hearted perspective as the trial unfolds.”

Did it hear the real amber cut it off? – Hollywood Life

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