Did these New York clinics ignore the rules about who gets vaccinated first?

The coronavirus vaccine has finally arrived in New York, but only a selected group of people at risk will receive it first.

These restrictions do not discourage others from trying to vaccinate, including unauthorized doctors in some hospitals. Whether the state now provides vaccinations to the general members of the New York clinic network, which are not members of the state’s priority group: the most risky health care workers and nursing home residents and employees. I am investigating.

On Saturday, New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker announced a clinic study. “It is possible that the Covid-19 vaccine was illegally obtained and transferred to a facility in another part of the state in violation of state guidelines. It was diverted to the general public.”

“We take this very seriously and DOH will assist the state police in criminal investigations on this issue,” he said. “People who are found to have intentionally participated in this plan will be held liable to the fullest extent of the law.”

The clinic is run by the ParCare Community Health Network, based in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Kayas Joel, a village northwest of the city. The investigation was first reported by the New York Post on Saturday.

Many of ParCare’s patients are orthodox Jews affected by the virus, and clinics work with the city to provide free coronavirus testing, primarily in orthodox areas.

American Labinical Alliance I shared a photo on Twitter It claimed that ParCare CEO Gary Schlesinger was vaccinated.

The post was subsequently deleted, but a ParCare representative confirmed that Schlesinger had received the vaccine because he works in the clinic every day.

In an email statement, a ParCare representative said the company obtained and distributed the Moderna coronavirus vaccine following all procedures from the Department of State and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the clinic returned the vaccine to the ministry. Said. For investigation.

He provided reporters with what looked like a packing slip and an email indicating that the Ministry of Health had shipped 2,300 doses of vaccine to ParCare.

He said more than 850 were administered.

“The final result of this review shows that ParCare has always made every effort to comply with all NYSDOH requirements and our greatest goal is to provide these important vaccines to New Yorkers in need. I’m confident that we can continue to achieve. Almost. “

State Department and Governor’s office officials did not immediately return a request for comment on Sunday.

Vaccine advertisement was posted ParCare’s Twitter feed December 16th, two days after the Pfizer vaccine was first administered in New York. The ad said, “Vaccines will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis,” and patients were asked to scan the website or QR code to register.

The ad also said the Food and Drug Administration allowed ParCare to receive the vaccine, but Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s control is responsible for the distribution of the vaccine in the state. Some clinics in the state are vaccinated, but it is not yet envisioned to vaccinate people outside the priority group.

Members of the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn protested the government’s restrictions on religious rallies to reduce the spread of the virus, and footage of crowded Orthodox weddings and funerals appeared on social media.

Orthodox Jewish and Catholic institutions have filed a lawsuit against Mr. Cuomo, and in November the U.S. Supreme Court said that the governor’s coronavirus restrictions on the scale of religious services violated the protection of religious freedom. I made the decision.

At the time, Cuomo said the decision was “ineffective” as cases of coronavirus decreased in many areas where the rules were enforced. Now that the percentage of positive test results in New York has reached a level not seen since spring, the ruling may prove more appropriate.

Did these New York clinics ignore the rules about who gets vaccinated first?

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