Different Types of Scissors And Their Purpose

A pair of scissors is probably one of the few tools that you will find in every household. Scissors are tools that can help you cut through the material easily and are a universal domestic tool.

Though its purposes are common knowledge, do you know that there are actually a variety of scissors out there, and we are not talking about styles and designs. There are several types of scissors out there with their unique uses. In this article, we will take our time to highlight a few of these types and what they are meant for.

Different Types of Scissors

Most people have this misconception that scissors are of one type only. However, that is not true. Depending on the needs and purposes, there are a variety of scissors out there. Let us take a look at these types of scissors and their uses.

●    Embroidery scissors

These types of scissors are meant for cutting close to cloth without damaging it. They have curved blades, sharp tips, and the loopholes for fingers are absent here. Their small and sharp blades are perfect for snipping individual threads without affecting other nearby threads.

●    Grooming scissors

You must have noticed hairstylists and barbers using scissors to cut hair. However, there are no regular scissors either. Grooming scissors come in various types depending on their uses such as:

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 ●    Medical scissors

The medical profession, too, witnesses the use of various kinds of scissors, depending on their purposes. Specially designed as they are, they are always made of metal and sterilized. Some types of medical scissors are:

●    All-purpose or crafting scissors

These are the scissors that most people are accustomed to seeing. These have long blades and loops to support fingers. They are mainly used for general domestic use. They are also perfect for art and craft projects. In general, all-purpose scissors can be used for almost every other thing mentioned in this list.

●    Gardening scissors

Gardening has many instances where it could make do with scissors, and therefore, you will also find garden scissors. However, unlike regular scissors, they are specially designed to cut, trim, and prune plants and bushes. There are different varieties of gardening scissors including:

●    Sewing scissors

Sewing scissors are specially used for tailoring and making clothes. There are different types of sewing scissors, again, based on their needs and purposes. Do note that sewing scissors and embroidery scissors are different. Here are the different types of sewing scissors:

●    Left, Right, and Ambidextrous scissors

The usual models of scissors are meant for right-handed people. However, there are models of scissors that are specifically designed for left-handed people or people who are ambidextrous.

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