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Tucson, Arizona 2021-10-20 20:29:00 –

Tucson (KVOA)-October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Therefore, those who have excellent warrants for crime-beware, the Pima County Sheriff’s Office is looking for you.

As the sun rose early Wednesday morning, a team of law enforcement officers from multiple agencies were ready to get to work.

Det. Mike Buglewitz led Team 1. Armed with the arrest warrants they went out.

“Our job is to find and arrest people who haven’t followed the court to appear in court,” Buglewitz said. “We can take them directly to court, establish a court so that they can meet judges, make their first appearance, and hopefully get a new court day. Did.”

The defendant they were looking for was not included, so the policeman left a number to call the landlord.

During the two days of activity, PCSD reported 40 arrests and 63 warrants. The ministry said 45 of these warrants were related to domestic violence.

Buglewicz is a 29-year veteran who has spent the last 12 years in a domestic violence unit.

“Rounding up is very important because it closes the victims to some extent,” he said. “These people with prominent warrants for the victims are exposed to the cold, where they don’t know what’s going on.”

He said the summary would help defendants like Alejandro Aguilar.

He has been charged with criminal damage from domestic violence.

Aguilar claimed that his court day was scheduled for October 21, and that he had taken steps to prove it.

He told the Digging Deeper Team that he didn’t make excuses for his actions.

“It was wrong. It was definitely wrong. I was drunk. I am an alcoholic,” Aguilar said. “Everything has changed since then. I’m not going to sugar coat it. It was wrong.”

Buglewicz said judges can help by ordering treatment and drug counseling.

He also speaks to the people he is arresting. They do not want their records to be convicted of domestic violence.

First-time offenders will be offered a detour program that can remove convictions of domestic violence from their records.

“But a conviction of domestic violence can prevent people from carrying firearms, ban them from working in medical facilities, and enter law enforcement agencies,” said Buglevich. “It can ruin your life, he added.”

There was no 21-year-old at home living in a southern apartment with his parents.

However, his parents told the police officer not to worry that he would be chosen to take him to the police officer. They did.

Victim Services and Emerge were on standby for a two-day summary.

PCSD warns you if you can’t find it, keep looking. Perpetrators of domestic violence can surrender themselves in court of justice on October 26.

However, you must check in by 11:00 am

For more information on resources on domestic violence in Pima County, please call the Emerge Center Against Indoor Abuse (520-795-8001) or Pima County Victim Service (520-724-5525).

DIGGING DEEPER: PCSD arrests 40 people charged with domestic violence violations | News Source link DIGGING DEEPER: PCSD arrests 40 people charged with domestic violence violations | News

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