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Before Snooky returned to the “Jersey Shore” in the June 10th episode, Dina and JWoww told HL why they stuck to the show after their best friend quit.

Nicole “Snuki” Polizzi Return to Jersey shore For the first time since the episode on June 10th Leave the show At the end of 2019.Reality star Simple appearance To celebrate Mike “Situation” Sorrentino’s birthday. Of course, Snooky has left the series, but still has a close relationship with his castmates, especially her best girlfriend. Dina Cortese And Jenni “JWoww” Farley..

Like Snooky, both Dina and Jenny have a family at home, but they decide to stick Jersey Shore, Also. “I was actually thinking [leaving the show], ”Dina admitted Hollywood Life Exclusively. “But 495 and MTV were able to make me comfortable. Now they include our family and if we are absent they bring them so I’m my kid You don’t have to leave us. They made us all feel comfortable and it was really, really great to work with us all. “

Dina, Snooky and JWoww film “Jersey Shore”. (Mega)

Despite being a single mother with two children, Jenny had similar feelings about why she continued to shoot. “The production was really great,” she confirmed. “I don’t like to say that COVID is a wonderful event that happened to me because it’s obviously a terrible pandemic, but fortunately my daughter is now able to virtualize at school and travel to Poconos. I did. [this season]I think it’s a big problem for Nicole. I mean we really can’t leave when the kids go to school.So I’m trying to get it ahead of time — I’ll send the school schedule [ahead of time], Because I want the kids to be there. “

Both women also agreed that they had no plans to leave the show if it continued. “As long as they bring our children with us and include our family, I’ll do this until the end,” Dina spouted. “I love it! It was great and I will continue as long as I can stay with my family during the shoot,” said JWoww, “making and making sure I have a week in which the kids can be there.” I’ll be there until I’m 90, as long as I can work on it! “

Jersey shore cast
A jersey shore cast pressing for the show. (Shutterstock)

When Snooky quits Jersey shore In 2019, she explained that she doesn’t like leaving her child for a long time to film a family vacation episode.But she also said She was “not happy” I’m already shooting a show for all the dramas that have accumulated around me Angelina Pivanick’s wedding. We need to see if her cameo this season will change her mind!

Jersey Shore: Family Trip It will air on MTV Thursday at 8 pm.

Dina Cortese & JWoww Talk “Jersey Shore” & If They Stop – Hollywood Life

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