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Dior opens temporary store on Fifth Avenue

Dior opened the door to a new temporary boutique in an iconic location in New York on Monday Fifth Avenue And the southeast corner of the 59th Street.

Dior opens a temporary store on Fifth Avenue. -Dior

The 6,480-square-foot store, which spans two floors, was designed to reflect Dior’s cosmic diversity by combining different pieces into one place. Inspired by the flagship store on the Champs Elysees in Dior, Paris, the motifs and colors are centered around light silver and off-white tones with beige and light blue accents.

The house emblem, Canage, on the other hand, is reminiscent of Napoleon III style with a cane-crafted chair in which Christian Dior sits guests at the show. Pure lining motifs can also be found on the Versailles parquet oak and polished concrete floors of Fifth Avenue Store.

Finally, the boutique façade is designed specifically for this location, with various layers and scales of Cannage lit to create a see-through effect, and the furniture selected reflects the style of Neo-Louis XVI. It evokes the atmosphere of Currier.

In terms of selection, the location accommodates women’s categories, including separate category areas for leather goods, footwear, ready-made garments, luxury jewelery and watches. Similarly, there are no watches or jewelery, but the men’s category is on display and the Dior Maison is on display in the personalized area.

This location will be temporarily replaced by the Dior Store on 57th Avenue between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue, which is undergoing refurbishment and expansion.

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Dior opens temporary store on Fifth Avenue

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