Disability Rights California-Advocate or Senior Advocate ( 2 Openings) – Anaheim, California

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Who are we

Disability Rights California (DRC) is a state-wide non-profit legal organization aimed at promoting the rights of persons with disabilities in California. The DRC is committed to achieving justice and justice for persons with disabilities through the advocacy of individuals and organizations, the proceedings of individuals and influences, the advocacy of state and federal policies and regulations, and the education and training of communities. ..The DRC recognizes that in order to effectively defend all persons with disabilities, all forms of discrimination need to be addressed, including the unique challenges faced by those who experience the intersection of multiple discrimination systems. increase.


Path to work

The Pathways to Work Practice Group provides advocacy services to people experiencing disability-related employment barriers.Helping difficult people through the Client Assistance Program (CAP)Request and receive vocational rehabilitation services from the Department of Rehabilitation, Independent Living Centers, or other programs funded by the Rehabilitation Act. It also assists persons with disabilities who receive supplemental security income (SSI) or social security disability insurance (SSDI) in addressing work barriers such as reasonable accommodation and transportation.Working with other DRC practice groups, our staff also helps individuals with disabilities get meaningful work at competitive wages.

Purpose of work

Pathways to Work Team Advocacy / Senior Advocacy is responsible for providing training to other interested parties with information, technical assistance, representatives, outreach, and disabilities under the direct guidance of senior staff. Share with advocacy staff.


Senior Advocates also share responsibility for coaching and training inexperienced staff.

Disability Rights California-Advocate or Senior Advocate ( 2 Openings) Source link Disability Rights California-Advocate or Senior Advocate ( 2 Openings)

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