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Colorado Springs, Colorado – When most people think of the Arctic, they imagine an ice-covered landscape thousands of miles away. However, in Colorado, the North Pole is much closer than you might think.

Located at the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Arctic and Santa Workshop Keep the spirit of the holiday alive all year round. This timeless and quaint theme park in Santa’s hometown has been cheering since 1956.

The current owner, Tom Hagard, grew up in the park. His parents, along with several others, built North Pole 65 years ago.

“I was five when the park was built in 1956,” Haggard recalls. “I spent my days in the park, and if I were in school, when I got off the bus, I would stand up. I have a job, I’m in charge of some animals, and a goat , I had to feed the baby goats. We gave them in bottles, and I did it, so the park was my playground. “

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The park has 26 rides, 8 gift shops, a magic show, Santa’s workshops, and many delicious food options. There have been some changes in the park over the years, such as the addition of vehicles, but many of the original features remain the same. And most importantly, the purpose of the park remains the same, it is a fun and safe place for toddlers to come and spend time with their families.

“I’m 65 this year, but what I’m doing hasn’t changed. We have a very small niche, but a very loyal niche that comes every year. They’re certainly emotionally in the park. It’s been invested, “says Hagard. “Everyone here is doing the same thing. They are all having fun here.”

Discover Colorado’s Arctic and Santa’s Workshop

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