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According to a Business College report, Tampa experienced a 28% rent increase in 2021. Affordable housing has become an increasingly serious problem for many Americans, and Florida is one of them. Hit the hardest.. But Disney and Universal Studios are trying to change that this year, starting with an affordable housing project on 80 acres of land.

Struggles for Florida housing

Over the past few years, Tampa’s rents have risen sharply, making it very difficult for the average working family to access affordable housing. As Sunshine struggles to compete with the pressure of economic turmoil in the United States (and most of the world), the combination of a surge in population and a shortage of rental supplies has sent rates to the sky. Studies show that the average unit in Tampa Bay is currently rented 16.3% higher than expected long-term price trends, and residents are having a hard time balancing monthly income with rising living costs.

It’s true that similar problems are occurring across the United States, but Florida is one of the country’s tallest and fastest rent surges. It is this reality that has encouraged internationally recognized Disney Studios and Universal Studios to invest in housing that better suits the economic needs of local Floridas.

1,300 affordable housing units to be built in Florida

Although still in its infancy, an affordable housing project led by Disney and Universal Studios is preparing for a sign of approval from the local government.The next step to start moving Land development processThis is important for Tampa’s real estate development and is part of the land that is actually planned for expansion.

The development will be built on a vast 80-acre land in Orange County, which is expected to be completed in 2023. Lena Langley, Senior Vice President of Walt Disney World, commented: Achievable at an affordable price. “

The two companies are working together to slow the pace of rent spikes and provide stable, spacious and accessible housing for Tampa and beyond. It will be equipped with a variety of exciting additional facilities such as a free tuition kindergarten, transportation center, swimming pool, communal garden and even medical facilities.

Catchlight Crossing Brings Hope to Local Floridans

John Sprawls, Executive Vice President and Head of Management at Universal Parks and Resorts, calls the project Catchlight Crossing. Housing is affordable, but Disney’s Top Imagineer Work with real estate developers to create a practical yet creative and engaging community.

People living in and around Tampa Bay will have full access to this exciting new development and will eventually have the opportunity to be employed in the retail, hospitality and food sectors, boosting the state’s income and economic prosperity. I can do it.

Disney And Universal Studios To Start Affordable Housing Project In Florida
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