Disney + has reached 116 million subscribers and the park sector is back in the black.

Cruella de Vil, the adolescent sea monster and Marvel’s mischievous god, has 12.4 million newer Disney flagship streaming services than Wall Street expected between April and June. Helped to attract subscribers.

Disney + has finished its most recent quarter with 116 million subscribers worldwide, the company reported Thursday. Analysts wanted between 112 and 115 million. The most popular service at Disney + is “Luka, “Original Pixar movie. Superhero series “LokiStarring Tom Hiddleston. And the live-action movie “Cruella,” When Emma Stone Take over as a classic Disney villain.

This quarter, the third of Disney’s fiscal year, was noteworthy for another reason. Disney Parks Experiences and Products posted profits ($ 356 million) after a fourth consecutive quarter of losses ($ 3.6 billion total). The availability of the coronavirus vaccine has led families to return to a large number of vaccines. Walt Disney World In Florida. Disneyland In California, it resumed on April 30 for the first time in 14 months, but state regulators initially limited capacity to 25%, but the limit was subsequently lifted.

Disney The world’s largest entertainment company, ABC Broadcasting Network, ESPN, Cruise Holidays, Stage Musicals, Book Publishing, Disney Store Chain, etc. But investor excitement for streaming has, in a sense, made Disney a company. At least for the time being, just like Disney +, so does the entire company.

Disney + grew much faster than even Disney expected in the first year, surpassing its five-year subscriber goal in just nine months. The pandemic was one accelerator as the family was looking for a way to entertain themselves at home.But Growth slows Between January and March — Disney + added 8.7 million subscribers during that period, and Wall Street wanted more than 14 million — causing concerns about streaming service fatigue, Disney shares It led to a decrease in.

The company’s share price rose more than 5% in after-hours trading on Thursday.

Disney recorded a total of $ 4.3 billion in streaming revenue this quarter, up 57% from a year ago. Monthly Disney + subscription pricing in the US rose $ 1 to $ 8 in late March. Disney + also generated tens of millions of dollars from Cruella, which became available to subscribers in May — as soon as the movie arrived at the theater — for an additional $ 30. Hulu, Disney acquired full ownership in 2019, Benefited from higher advertising revenue and subscriber growth.

According to Disney, Hulu has about 42.8 million subscribers, up 21% from last year. About 15 million people are paying for access to the company’s ESPN + platform, up 75% from the same period last year.

However, building a portfolio of streaming services can be very expensive. Various costs (content production, marketing, technology infrastructure) contributed to the loss of approximately $ 300 million in Disney’s streaming units. Still, the department lost twice as much at the same time a year ago.

Disney + has reached 116 million subscribers and the park sector is back in the black.

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