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Disneyland raises ticket prices – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-10-26 13:07:00 –

Visiting the happiest places on earth is only more expensive.

KTLA-TV Los Angeles and The Mercury News Disneyland, Anaheim, California, reports that it will charge as much as $ 164 for a park ticket per day starting March 2022.

The new pricing is part of Disneyland’s gradual pricing system, first introduced in 2016. According to KTLA, this system was introduced to control the size of the crowd on the busiest days of the park.

In this system, daily rates are ranked in stages. In other words, the busier the day, the higher it gets.

On Monday, Disneyland announced that it would add a new tier 6 on its busiest day, with tier 6 tickets costing $ 164. The price of Tier 1 remained unchanged at $ 104, but the park also raised the price of Tier 2 to Tier 5.

According to KTLA, the following is the daily admission fee for the new Disneyland.

  • Tier 1: $ 104 (no change)
  • Tier 2: $ 119 ($ 5 increase)
  • Tier 3: $ 134 (+ $ 10 increase)
  • Tier 4: $ 149 ($ 10 increase)
  • Tier 5: $ 159 ($ 5 increase)
  • Tier 6: $ 164 (new)

according to SF gateSince the turn of the century, the number of Disneyland Passes has skyrocketed every day. In 2000, the daily ticket price was $ 41. This is about $ 62 today, adjusted for inflation.

SF Gate also reports that Monday showed Disneyland’s price increase for the first time since the launch of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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