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Distance learning challenges for children with stuttering

Diane Paul, director of clinical problems in speech-language pathology at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, said the effort and anxiety of trying to hide stuttering was worse for most people than fluent. For this reason, spoken language pathologists work closely with students on how to reveal stuttering so that they can speak comfortably and feel stuttering in class.

How students disclose it depends on their age, level of comfort, and personal choice, Dr. Paul said. In a remote learning environment, you may choose to do it via email like Kaitlyn or on the chat screen. Some students coordinate with their teachers to plan time to talk to their classmates. Others may wait until the moment of stuttering, or even intentionally stutter, Dr. Paul said, and then say: “Sometimes I repeat the sound. It’s called stuttering. I wanted everyone to know. We all have something. “

Professor Siskin encourages patients to rely on humor. Example: “I was given 5 minutes to write a report for this book. I knew I would stutter, so I prepared for 3 minutes.” Or “No … my Wi-Fi is not broken.” . That’s what I stutter. “

She said that inserting humor has two purposes. It reduces the desire to hide stuttering because you already have it out there, and it informs others that you are open and not embarrassed about it.

If students don’t like to speak publicly, they need to work with their teachers to find alternative ways to join and connect with other students, Siskin said. For example, you can share a wide range of knowledge about Minecraft in a small meeting room or show off your humor in a chat.

A simple video assignment worked for Pauly’s son Danny. Students were asked to record their short video of discussing their favorite books and vacations. It was out of Danny’s comfort zone, but only a little, and the subject, combined with pre-recording options, hit the sweet spot.

“If necessary, he was able to record it multiple times, and he was familiar with the material because the topic was himself.”

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