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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — Many pandemics lack traditional sights and sounds on campus.

“That’s why we became teachers because we’re with our students,” said Anthony Mendoza, a fourth-year teacher at Liberty Elementary.

In the classroom, it is important for education to stare over the student’s shoulders to see what is going on.


Mendoza said, “I saw someone. She was confusing the preposition with the pronoun.’Is it a preposition or a pronoun?'” She could stop and talk to me a bit and fix it. I could see it on the spot

“There were kids who turned off the camera. I didn’t know what they were doing. So now I can see. I can pass by. I can see. “Mendoza said.

Without that element, learning gaps were inevitable.

Liberty Elementary School 4th grade teacher


“We know there’s a lot to do,” Mendoza said.

Remote, hybrid, remote migration, and now five days a week traditional learning are causing the gap.

“It affects all aspects and procedures we do,” said Principal Stephanie Ponce.

She gave teachers like Gina Gonzales as much room as possible to create the best learning environment while following safety protocols.

Liberty Elementary School


That’s not normal at all. Her classroom has a desk instead of her favorite four-person table.

“It’s difficult because I like collaboration. They’re far from each other. It’s really hard to have to talk from a distance with a mask on,” Gonzales said.

But she said these kids wanted to deal with this rather than learning from home.

“They lost a lot. They just played with their friends. It’s been over a year now. It appeared on the screen when it was virtualized, but it’s not.”

Liberty Elementary Playground


It was also different to meet the teacher who I thought was tall.

“It was a comment. Everything was, Miss, I thought you were tall, and I was like ah, let’s keep it going,” Gonzales said.

It is now achievable to get things done at a faster pace.

Mendoza is preparing students for the upcoming AZ Merit test.

He explained why it’s important to have them on campus five days a week.

“We can get over something, but a few days after we didn’t see them, we had to take the time to refresh them,” Mendoza said. not sure. Let’s go back. Let’s review. ”

And parents said they were reacting to their children returning to the classroom.

“When my parents sent me a message, I’ve already seen change,” Gonzales said.

Liberty Elementary School COVID Safety


Imagine being excited about the students and staff returning to the classroom together at the end of the school year.

“It’s good to get back to normal,” Mendoza said.

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