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District orders Singleton Charter to remove interim CEO citing state ethics law – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-06-15 15:23:52 –

The NOLA Public School District is James M, run by Dryades YMCA. We have ordered the Singleton Charter School to dismiss the interim CEO, a former member of the Dryades Board of Directors. board.

After investigating a suspicious background check at a school in Central City, the singleton CEO and CFO resigned in late March.. At that time, board member Samuel Odom was in charge of the school’s day-to-day operations. According to a June announcement from the school, Odom has been appointed as interim CEO. The district states that this violates state ethics, which requires board members to wait at least two years before boarding duties before working for an entity.

State law Former members of the board or committee wait two years until they “contract with the board or committee, are hired for that job, or are appointed to that job.”

According to Odom’s appointment District-issued warning letter “Violation of state law” from Thomas Lambert, Chief Portfolio Officer at NOLA Public Schools. To solve this problem, Lambert writes that the school will need to remove Odom from the position of interim CEO and replace him with someone who hasn’t been on the charter board for the past two years. Lambert took action on the board until Friday.

The district also recently ordered the school Redo background check Some employees after a fraud was discovered in a March review. During a March review, district staff reported to Louisiana police that all background checks could not be confirmed, and suspicious strange points such as background checks sharing an audit code that should act as a unique identifier I pointed out.

Former school CFO Katrina Reid was arrested on June 1, after NOPD issued an arrest warrant in late May. 12 cases that damaged public records.. She was released at her own discretion the day after the first hearing.

Singleton Principal Erica Mann said the group had re-performed the series of background checks required by the district.

“Singleton had to resubmit 17 background checks, 16 of which were completed. We couldn’t contact one employee who didn’t come back,” Mann wrote in an email this week. “This includes 12 background checks reviewed and verified by Page Jackson, the school’s accountability officer.”

District orders Singleton Charter to remove interim CEO citing state ethics law Source link District orders Singleton Charter to remove interim CEO citing state ethics law

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