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Give Cavetown the “best in show” of bedroom pop. Dream Pop enchanters tell Hollywood Life about the themes behind his new EP, why dogs are so great, and more.

Has certain intangible softness Man’s best friend, New from DIY Indie Pop Star Cavetown.. Cavetown is a seven-track course that delivers the equivalent of sunshine to the back of your outstretched hand as you hang from an open car window during a non-directional Sunday drive.Atmosphere Man’s best friend Can think romantic, Cavetown (Robin Skinner) Certainly not touching on themes — emotional confusion (“her idea”), self-destruction (“Ur Gonna Wish U Believed Me”), and trapped in toxic relationships (“Guilty”). ..

“I’m going to bounce myself back and forth, but for now I think I’m feeling a softer song,” says Cavetown. Hollywood Life In an exclusive interview conducted by email. Ahead of the reopening world — a world that promises to be very, very, very noisy – Man’s best friend It provides a moment of solemn introspection before the volume goes up.

Airy tones aren’t the only running theme Man’s best friend.. If the title doesn’t give it, the EP also has a “dog running theme in multiple parts of the album,” says Cavetown. Perhaps the pinnacle of this concept lies in the song “I Want To Meet Ur Dog,” which he says is based on a true story. Spoiler Note: He met a dog.

Hollywood Life: Why did you choose Man’s best friend As an EP title?

Cavetown: I accidentally created a dog running theme in multiple parts of the album. This includes pagrescue missions. Ur Gonna Wish U Believed Me Music videos and, of course, tracks I want to meet Uldog..So I decided to run and named it EP Man’s best friend Before you finish writing Guilty, To enhance the theme, we’ve included some dog-themed lyrics.

The blockade made me very aware of how jealous I am of dogs and other domestic pets. So I thought it would be good to dedicate my blockade EP to them :)

Cavetown (Polyhan Rahan)

“Idea of ​​Her” is a clever song. In particular, people are not people Thoughts Of that. When was the last time you fell in love with a person’s thoughts, did it not match who they really are?

I don’t know if I want to talk too much about my life of love (although not so much to be honest), but I find it very biased towards the positive traits of a person and difficult to recognize. Often those that hurt me. And it’s not limited to romantic relationships. I’m happy to have friends and loved ones, so I sometimes walk around. I’m definitely surrounded by really good people who care about me more than ever :)

You said that “Ur Gonna Wish U Believed Me” came from a dark place during the blockade. When you play this song, do you go back to that dark place or the moment of creation? Or did this song transcend the moment it was born?

Yeah, it’s still very fresh in my mind, not so long ago, so it brings me back to that dark time. But it helps to remind me how far I’ve been since I wrote the song. I hardly recognize the person who wrote those lyrics anymore, it’s great :)

“I Wanna Meet Ur Dog” is probably the most universal emotion of the project. Did a particular dog influence this song?

Okay! A few years ago, I had a special friend in California, and she and I tied a picture of her dog on Twitter. It was a bit of a challenge as her parents didn’t like me very much, but we hung out a few times, and I was desperate to meet the little guy. You’ll be happy to know that I was able to meet a dog, and that was all I dreamed of :)

The entire EP thrives in a discreet, subtle, almost quiet atmosphere.The world seems to be about to make Lots of noise, Especially after a year of closure. Do you think there are musical “noisy” moments, or do you think your sound will be a little peaceful rest for those who need to get away from the hustle and bustle?

I’m not sure! It seems that he changes his mind every other day, whether he wants to make LOUD ROCK MUSIC or make a soft sleepy song and take a nap. I just want to bounce it back and forth, but I think it’s a softer song now.

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Man’s best friend It has come out.

DIY-Pop Star Touk “Man’s Best Friend” EP-Hollywood Life

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