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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-09-04 13:03:06 –

What if you have four NBA Championships, MVP Awards, eight All-NBA First Team Selections, and hundreds of franchise investments nationwide? Of course, I will DJ at Summerfest. That’s exactly what DJ Diesel, well known as basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, did at the Mirror Light Oasis on Friday night.

This can be an aversion to the role of DJs and the novel aspects of modern electronic music, but … I know. Shaquille O’Neal rarely meticulously adjusts the sound of Ableton’s snares or laid back on the latency of the latest version of the Pioneer CDJ turntable. Occasional tweaks were made from the Friday night stage, but nothing resembled basketball turntablism. However, Big Aristo has a history of music dating back to college, and at least I am truly grateful for the power of music to the crowd on display on Friday. Purely at face value, you have to respect it, and shit, it was pretty fun.

Shortly after Milwaukee Bucks official DJ Shawna finished the opening set, Shaq and his crew headed to the oasis stage to continue the party. Adjusted to the height of Shaquille O’Neal, the 15-time All-Star, surrounded by metal trusses holding a turntable, absorbed the roar of the crowd at the time of his appearance. Then, with the first of many fist pumps, a thunderous amount of bass rattled the stage. With the help of hype that occasionally moved the crowd, there was energy in the mix of songs that incorporated everything from 80’s classics to Nirvana. Most of the set was centered around intense EDM, with most young crowds slamming their heads along the barricade.

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The atmosphere was all about the EDM show, and DJ Diesel was certainly aware of it. A video screen featuring a trippy variation of the DJ Diesel name flashing around steam cannons, confetti, and oasis, featuring all the bells and whistles that are currently common on festival sets. Every bit of stage production drew a roar from the crowd, as if it was the first time they saw the metaphor in action. Nonetheless, the combination of throbbing beats, wild special effects, and Shaquille O’Neal’s mere aura was created for an unforgettable party. It may not have been the purist’s choice of electronic music, but Shaq and his crew certainly know how to have a good time.

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