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KOIN, Oregon — A 58-year-old man in Troutdale was arrested after being linked to an unsolved mountain murder in 1980 from DNA evidence. A student at Hood Community College.

Robert Primpton was detained by Gresham police on Tuesday and charged with rape and murder of Barbara May Tucker, then 19 years old. He was charged with first- and second-class murders, as well as first-class rape. And has been imprisoned in Martonoma County Prison for sexual abuse.

Officials said the catastrophe in the case was due to DNA technology that was not available 41 years ago.


Barbara Tucker was a business student in the mountains. Food CC. On the night of January 15, 1980, she was seen running from a wooded area at the western end of the campus towards NE Kane Drive, officials said. Several witnesses saw her and suspected she was waving at someone. Another witness was a man coming out of a shrub and taking her back to campus. Witnessed.

The next day, a student found Tucker’s body in a nearby bush. She was sexually assaulted and beaten to death.

Physical evidence from the field was maintained, and investigators recently arrived at Primpton due to DNA profile matching.

Investigations are ongoing, officials said.

Claudio Grandjean, PD Chief of Gresham, said in a statement: Each represents an individual to our officers, hoping that their tragic story will one day bring honor to their name, a sense of justice and the end of the case, generations. It has been passed down beyond. “

He noted the efforts of detective Aaron Turnage and criminologist Diana Grossi, who have been working on the case for years.

DNA links Troutdale man to 1980 murder of college student Source link DNA links Troutdale man to 1980 murder of college student

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