DNC Chair Tom Perez says early voting numbers show enthusiasm for the Democratic Party.

Washington- Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said the number of Democratic voters who have already voted is Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running, as early voting is taking place in major states. He said he showed enthusiasm for his mate Kamala Harris.

In an interview with Face the Nation on Sunday, Perez said the Democrats have already voted “overwhelmingly”, including 350,000 voters who haven’t voted in the last two elections. It was.

“It’s not just people who are voting for convenience, but those who aren’t getting results,” he said. “And it shows enthusiasm for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

“Don’t ride poll coasters,” Perez warned people, but said Biden and Harris are establishing themselves in the new state.

“There’s still a lot to do, but it’s expanding the battlefield,” he said. “We are competing in places like Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Iowa, Georgia, etc. because there are candidates I think are the only ones qualified to connect people.”

A CBS News Battleground Tracker poll released Sunday shows Biden, who leads President Trump among potential voters in Wisconsin and Arizona. Another Battleground Tracker poll released last week found that the two candidates were tied in Iowa, and Biden was ahead of Trump in Michigan and Nevada.

Mr. Perez said Mr. Trump “fueled the flames of division” when the presidential election entered the final week.

“He doesn’t have a plan for the coronavirus. He doesn’t have a plan for the economy. He’s split,” he said. “Joe Biden brings us together.”

Perez said his enthusiasm for Biden and Harris was growing, but CBS News political analyst and former Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus said the race would be “settled.” “.

“I’m hoping the president will win,” said Priebus, Trump’s first chief of staff.

Priebus said he wasn’t worried that Trump could lose his reelection and voters could expect the president to refocus on the economy.

Priebus is not worried about the loss of Trump “at all” …


Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden will hold their next final meeting in Nashville on Thursday Presidential debate.. The second debate, scheduled for last week, was canceled after the president diagnosed COVID-19 as two campaigns fought over safety precautions.Instead, the President and former Vice President participated Duel City Hall It is hosted by various networks.

Priebus said it was important to preview future discussions and show that Trump was “favorable” and “fun.”

“Let Joe Biden speak and let Joe Biden protect the Obama economy,” he said. “Let him defend why ISIS is out of control and burning people in the cage. Let Joe Biden defend why he was the one man who didn’t want to proceed with the Osama bin Laden assault. Let him defend Iran’s deal. “

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