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Do this spring maintenance now to prevent costly problems later – Kansas City, Missouri

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With the recent rise in inflation, no one wants to spend more than they need to repair a home.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to maintain a spring home so that small problems don’t become big problems.

Cleaning the spring garden is so important to Rhonda Lahman that it is a family problem.

Brothers, nephews, and even her 91-year-old mom take their families home for the summer.

“We’re doing a little spring cleaning in the backyard. Weeds are eating the fence lines, mowing the grass, and preparing to mow some of these trees,” she said.

Rahman knows that if a tree grows too large or a gutter overflows, it can lead to large invoices. She is right

What you have to do now

So we turned to Consumer Reports on some of the things you should do now.

Paul Hope, CR’s kitchen garden editor, says Rahman is doing the right thing by removing debris to prevent spots on dead grass.

“In the summer, it’s difficult for grass to grow,” he said. “It starts to grow at about 55 degrees, but it stops again when you enter the 80’s and 90’s, so a little action now will be worth a lot this summer.”

More importantly, removing debris prevents pests from hijacking the garden, especially around foundations and window wells.

“Mountains and foliage of roots that are allowed to sit in the garden can cause problems,” he said. “Tick really looks for a cool, dry place in the shade, especially in the heat of summer.”

Cleaning the gutter is also essential, as clogging of the gutter can cause damage to the siding and inner walls.

Before starting a maintenance project, Consumer Reports suggests the following:

  • Check all equipment. If you haven’t warmed up properly, you may be considering traveling to a service center.
  • Place fertilizer and herbicide. Hope says in May that he is still in the sweet spot before it gets hot.
  • Has your soil been tested, especially if you are planning to eat vegetables?

“If you have lead in your soil, it’s certain you want to know before you go out and start planting a garden of vegetables and fruits in that soil,” he said. ..
Inexpensive soil test kits can be purchased from Amazon or hardware stores.

Rahman knows that spending a few hours in the yard can save him a lot of money later, so he doesn’t waste money.

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Do this spring maintenance now to prevent costly problems later Source link Do this spring maintenance now to prevent costly problems later

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