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Need something general like a pickup? Dier will find the strangest things around you.

Ezra DierCar and driver

From the December 2020 issue Car and driver..

I sent a text message to Zach Bowman, Senior Editor of “How Close Is It To Clinton, Tennessee?” Road & truck.. “Very,” he replied. “What kind of death machine do I need to buy?” Hey, I said nothing about the death machine. But as you asked, it’s a Honda TRX250X, handlebars, hump tires, and an ATV that’s just 229 cubic centimeters of raw wrath. Some might say that it’s 230 instead of 250, but Honda’s rounding game is powerful.

Before I got my driver’s license, I had a 1991 250X. On top of that, he terrorized the rural paths of Maine until he was old enough to terrorize the Camaro roads. So it’s no coincidence that my cabin fever classification search tends towards Honda Quad. In the event of a midlife crisis, make it as cheap as possible. And according to basic midlife crisis economics, the used 250X is priced closer to the mullet I’m growing (free) than the mint IROC (surprisingly expensive). That is, if you can find it.

This is where Zack provided important support. When I tried to buy something outdoors with a motor last spring, I probably encountered the same situation I did. I was shot many times. So when this 2018 250X popped up in Tennessee, I knew I needed to call for local help as I was 5 hours away from North Carolina. Within hours, Zack won the trailer award. It enables my friends, first-class cars.

Ezra Dier

I think it’s the reflexes that try to hire as many conspirators as possible among all of us who appreciate the interesting electric transport. You don’t just want to drive something cool. I want you to drive cool things as well. And if possible, I’ll help you make that happen. That’s how I got to the Red Silverado pilgrimage.

My ex-boss Ryan lived in New York and needed a truck. He liked trucks that were free of rust and Dunkin’donut coffee stains, so he wanted a truck from outside the northeast. “No rusty trucks in North Carolina” is the actual state motto, so I told Ryan to find something. (Well, first I tried to talk to him to Bronco in 1992-96, but that’s what I do if someone is looking for Kia’s soul.) To increase the difficulty, Ryan manually I wanted a full size 4×4 with a transmission. ..

At the Key Automotive Group in Stokesdale, North Carolina, I found an unlikely freak for the 2006 Chevy Silverado. This is a red four-wheel drive regular cab long bed with chrome steel wheels and a 5-speed stick protruding from the rubber floor. “If you don’t buy this, I might do,” I told Ryan. This is the danger of enabling it. In some cases, we may enable unscheduled bank withdrawals.

2006 Chevrolet Silverado

Ezra DierCar and driver

Ryan asked me to test drive on his behalf, and the next morning I met Key Owner Austin Thu in front of Chevy. “I picked this up because I like the weirdos of manual transmissions, and this is the weirdos,” he said. “We were using it as a shop truck and wanted to keep it, but we already have another shop truck.” If I wasn’t wrong, he would rather pass the key to the car he wanted to keep. When I did, I felt like I was hungry. It’s refreshing to meet a car dealer who really likes cars.

The truck’s 195 horsepower 4.3-liter V6 engine was strong, torqued and quiet. In the 5th gear shift pattern, 1st and 3rd were placed on each other’s laps, and 5th was over in the glove box, but the clutch and shift action were fine. I tested a four-wheel drive system on gravel. Everything is good. And the body was wonderful. I sent a photo to a longtime employee of Chevrolet. He replied, “It must be one of the finest 2006 Silverados still on the road.” I told Ryan to get off Pronto here. What he did was to bring the fun freak back to New York right away. I was almost as happy as if I bought it myself.

A few weeks later, my friend Lisa appeared at my door with a new Wrangler. She was on a test drive and was asking for feedback. The 3.6 liter V6 was very good. But I knew that local dealers had something more interesting. She returned with Eco Diesel 30 minutes later and declared her love for torque. “I know,” I said. “You should get it.”

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Do you have any doubts about perspective purchases?Call enabler

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