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Easy scheduled test takes 5 minutes and result is 15 minutes

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) —Fred Meyer pharmacies across the country are currently conducting antibody tests for people who want to know if they have developed some degree of immunity to COVID-19.

This is a diagnostic test if you want to know if you have encountered a new coronavirus and were asymptomatic, have been previously diagnosed and recovered, and if you have developed immunity.

“Having antibodies does not give you complete immunity to the disease, but it does give you a better understanding,” said Fred Meyer’s pharmacy operations coordinator Wasim Ayub. I will.

Antibody tests can be easily scheduled on their website. This is a non-invasive finger stab test similar to the blood glucose test. The test takes 5 minutes and the results are available in 15 minutes.

Fred Meyer rapid antibody test

You will see a bar telling you if you have short-term or long-term antibodies to COVID or if you have no immune development.

Knowledge is power, regardless of the outcome.

Ayoub said this insight will help determine how to fight the disease.

“These individuals who have long antibodies, their blood may be used for blood transfusions, or they may study more about why the antibodies stayed longer in certain individuals,” he said. It was. “The scenario is endless.”

Antibodies are what our bodies develop to fight viruses. They are still stuck after the virus disappears, hoping that it will be a line of defense in the event that the virus returns.

It’s important to be careful Even if the antibody test is positive, you will not be completely immune to COVID-19. But it gives you insight into the illness and how your body reacts to it.

And to clarify: This antibody test is intended for healthy people who have recovered from COVID and are symptom-free, or who are interested in having had it in the past and not being aware of it.

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