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Since 1908, the University of Nebraska Omaha has documented its history. Include in ways that are not always visible.

Even the walls of some campus buildings are hidden in the ground, a story awaiting sharing at a later date. These are time capsules filled and sealed by past UNO classes.

If you spend most of your time on the Dodge campus, you may have passed some of these time capsules.

In 1983, then junior Randy Regan came up with the idea of ​​a time capsule outside of the Arts and Sciences Hall, which opens in 2018 to celebrate UNO’s 200th anniversary. The capsule contains a wide range of items such as the UNO football jersey. 1983 Student Handbook and Class Catalog. Caffeine-free Pepsi cans; photo of the Colombian Space Shuttle. And even the sealed prediction of that year’s homecoming game from athletic director Don Lee Hee at the time.

Another time capsule is sealed and awaits it on the southwest wall of the glass atrium of the Durham Science Center. This capsule was placed to commemorate the cornerstone when the building was built. The contents of this capsule are unknown and the date of extraction is unknown, but it remains a relic of the past UNO hidden in clear visibility.

However, not all of these time capsules remain unopened.

The time capsule recently unearthed in front of the Epley Administration Building has a rather interesting story. The time capsule, buried in 1959, was covered with a $ 600 bronze cap and contained the impression of the hands of then-President Milovail and Alpha Phi Omega’s President Richard Bock. The capsule contained several mid-century items, such as Ivy League clothing. Letters from the deans of each university. Sorority and fraternity pens; even cigarettes and cigars.

The capsule was scheduled to be opened in 2008. However, in 2002, a construction worker working on cement just outside the administration building accidentally dug up a capsule six years ago. At that time, I noticed that the capsule was not properly sealed and was actually filled with water. The seal has been broken, collectable items have been preserved and are now owned by the UNO Archives and Special Collection.

For those familiar with Scott Campus, time capsules also make up a significant proportion. To be exact, there are nine.

When the Mammel Hall was being built, Susanne Solars, an associate professor of psychology at UNO, came up with the idea of ​​filling nine time capsules to be held in the next 100 years. One of these time capsules will be opened in 2110 and one will be opened in 2035. All capsules are placed inside the inner wall of the building and plaques indicate their location. The idea was that in 2035 more items would be encapsulated, and then every quarter century, building content that would be published with the original 100-year capsule itself.

It may seem like a long way to go before one of these time capsules is opened, but knowing that it exists sealed in UNO’s past items makes it fun to think about! The next time you approach any of these places, take the time to stop by and imagine that future members of the Maverick community would like UNO to know why it’s so special.

Do You Know UNO? Campus Time Capsules Preserve History | News Source link Do You Know UNO? Campus Time Capsules Preserve History | News

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