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Do you know your motivational style?

Sometimes we struggle to find a motivation to do something in life. There is a rapid burst of motivation, but it eventually disappears and you start to lag.

For those who are struggling with motivation, you can’t just focus on motivation.You need to focus on you Motivation style To find the best way to stay motivated. Knowing what your motivational style is is the key to lasting motivation.

Why it’s important to know your motivational style

We’ll take a closer look at what these styles are, but first, why is it so important to know your motivational style? Here are some of the benefits and reasons that are worth knowing:

  • Change our behavior – Depending on the motivation you are using, your thinking will change. If one motivational style can discourage you in the long run, another motivational style can give you a deep personal meaning and move you forward.
  • Deeper satisfaction – Your motivational style encourages you to set the goals you care most about. This leads to satisfaction as it has the motivation to reach the goals you care most about.
  • Cultivate your interest – Without motivation, you won’t spend time on it. Having the right motivation means sticking to something that helps to raise interest in the field.
  • Develop properties that help you – All goals Building habits And when you have the motivation to experience these, you are developing traits. These characteristics are useful in that particular situation, but can also be used in other scenarios.

Knowing your motivational style gives you a better sense Self-awareness.. You will be able to identify problems and find motivations to penetrate them and persist.

Do you know your motivational style?

You may have multiple motivational styles that work for you. By making some styles available, you can leverage motivation from several sources to strengthen your habits.

To help you understand your motivational style, we have a convenient and free rating What is your motivational style? To help you.

With this Evaluation of motivation styleNot only will you have a clear understanding of which style suits you, but you will also learn how to use your motivational style to stay motivated at all times. The rating provides a detailed analysis of all motivational styles and makes it easy to distinguish between primary and secondary motivational styles so you can see which one you depend on.Receive evaluation Here For free.

Now that you’re ready, let’s take a closer look at each motivational style.

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations

However, there are two core types of motivations that are essential to understand before entering a particular style. Intrinsic And External motivation.. Understanding these types of motives can help you better understand which one to use and when to use it.

Extrinsic motivation is also known as external motivation – motivation that comes from around you. Examples include Youtube videos, motivational speakers, posters, or articles that inspire you. Everything from the outside that affects your motivation is extrinsic.

The essential motivation is the opposite. It is believed to be a good motive because it is an internal motive and it all comes from the inside. One typical example of internal motivation is to take a reason or a specific attitude towards a goal.

Both of these motives are very important – it doesn’t matter if one seems to be better than the other. There are certain situations where these types of motivation are shining and not without their own drawbacks.

8 motivational styles

These two main types of motives give rise to the style of motivation I’m talking about.

Essential motivation

1. Physiological

This style of motivation goes beyond our own explanation. This kind of motivation is fundamental and cannot be ignored no matter how hard you try. This kind of motivation is very contextual and will help cover your basic needs.

Maslow’s hierarchy of desire theory Explain it and it’s a good example of this motivation at work. According to theory, we are all motivated to cover not only basic needs such as food and housing, but also higher levels of psychological needs and self-actualization. We all have this kind of motive from the beginning.

2. Achievement

This type of motivation results from the achievement of the task or the goal itself. That does not necessarily mean that you are motivated solely by the rewards that accompany it.Instead, you find motivation, joy, and find through the process Self-motivation By going through the steps and making small or significant progress.

An example of this is losing weight. Those who are motivated to achieve are those who are delighted to see them step on the scale and lose a few pounds. They may not yet reach their target weight goal, but the first weight loss is exciting.

3. Attitude

Another form of essential motivation is attitude motivation. It’s the type of motivation nurtured by your desire to change the way you and others think and feel. Such motivated people are good at engaging in actions and interactions to make others bold and provide words and actions that make others feel good and uplifting. I will.

An example of this is a motivational speaker. For the people around them, it’s all an external motive. But that positive and uplifting force forces motivational speakers to go up on stage, shoot video, and provide motivational content in the first place.

4. Ability and learning

Also called learning motivation, that motivation is deeper into the process than the reward. Think of it as a motivation for achieving it, but they only care about the process and learning aspects.

This type of motivation is to get better and find motivation by moving the needle of progress towards the completion of goals and tasks. The destination is great, but that’s not the main reason for what you’re doing.

Of the essential motivational styles around, this is the most valuable. This is the type of motivation you experience when working on a goal or task. Every progress you make will support you. Again, it’s like losing that few pounds on the scale. In another example, reports and school treatises are half-finished.

Extrinsic motive

5. Incentives

Moving on to extrinsic motives, perhaps the most prominent thing you’ve heard is incentive motives.What this means is that you find motivationn Results or rewards Rather than completing a process or goal or task.

A good example of this is signing up to participate in a marathon because you want to win. Train hard every day to increase your chances of winning. Second, I’m studying for a test because I want to get the highest score in my class.

6. Fear

The motivation for fear is to find the motivation to put you in a fearful or unpleasant position. Due to this nature, some external influences are negative but effective. In this example, you will find the ability to work overtime, as the fear of not being able to pay your bills makes you uneasy. Fear of not being able to pay can motivate you enough to move forward.

You can also twist it into a positive light. For example, let’s say your family has a history of heart disease. That fact can lead you to exercise more often and maintain a healthy body.

7. Power

Power is motivated by those who are motivated by controlling their own lives and can extend to others. Everyone wants to be able to make a choice, and given more options to choose, this motivation will appear in your life.

An example of this motivation is the choice of school or career you want to pursue. This provides a motivation for power as it allows you to deliberately work on your thoughts and actions and reveal the life you want to lead.

8. Affiliation and society

The final style of motivation is affiliation and social motivation. This kind of motivation is inherent in us because it is the motivation that arises from our desire to connect and contribute to social groups.

If you dig deeper into this, you’ll find the motivation behind it to be accepted and revolve around your desire to belong to a particular group.


Now that you know if your motivational style is right for you, but if you haven’t received a motivational style rating yet, we recommend doing this now. What is your motivational style?

When you understand what motivates you, you have more control over your own life. You will be able to change yourself better and push you through that change.

On top of that, there is also a deeper understanding of what makes you happy, what you are interested in, and ultimately the habits that contribute to your growth.

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Do you know your motivational style?

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