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Do you look old in skinny jeans?These women don’t care

word is out: Skinny jeans obviously look old on you.Due to their extreme trendiness in the early days, like Kate Moss wore his signature tight gray jeans, Skinny has endured a long, bumpy descent from fashion heights. As early as 2014 Asked “Is this the beginning of the end of skinny jeans?” Throughout 2020, social media will intensify intergenerational debate about driving skinny jeans to untouchable suburban millennial terrain, along with side parts and laughing emoji. did. (In contrast, Gen Z women are said to prefer shapeless “mama jeans” and center parts.) Young people refer to skinny jeans as “basic,” or a less basic adjective for a younger sister. Label it “cheeky” (both meaning not boring or cool). ). And this year, we at The Wall Street Journal story A dinosaur in skinny jeans is depicted, proclaiming it to be one of nine items that will definitely date you.

Seen here in 2007, Kate Moss was one of the pioneers of the skinny jeans movement.


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But like the similarly hipster BlackBerries and Cosmopolitans, skinny jeans are definitely a part of the population. This year, I’ve been plagued by emails from my high school friends and new friends saying, “You don’t have to give up on skinny jeans, right?” Skinny is a comfortable lifestyle for many millennial women, especially those who are old enough to page a (printed) magazine featuring Ms. Moss and Siena Miller, early ambassadors of this style. , They hate giving up.

From Kate Middleton to Reese Witherspoon to Kamala Harris, celebrity skinny jeans proponents are still rampant. TikTok has posted videos of millennials wearing skinny and dancing challengingly. I will. Sometimes I have my child tied to my chest.end with


You can buy T-shirts, mugs, wine glasses, entrance mats and other items that declare your love for skinny jeans. A wooden magnet on the market says, “My skinny jeans and armpits can be pried open from cold, dead hands.” Wow, I understand.

Emily Gustavson, 42, a nonprofit development manager and fashion blogger in Orlando, Florida, describes herself as the pinnacle of Generation X and Millennials. For many women, she flatters her trim line. “I’m 14 size, so I like to emphasize curves and it feels good to me,” she explained.

Kristine Thompson, who writes the “Trendy Kirby” blog, wears reliable skinny jeans.


Christine Thompson

Los Angeles-based content creator Christine Thompson, 33, also likes stretch jeans and says, “I’ll never give up.” She tried the latest style of “mama jeans, daddy jeans, whatever”, but concluded that “nothing beats classic skinny jeans.” She finds the non-skinny fit awkward: “As a plus-sized person, it’s not easy to style. [myself] With that type of jeans “

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For this type of loyal customer, Nordstrom has no plans to discontinue skinny. Marie Ivanov Smith, director of women’s apparel fashion at the retail store, calls the skinny jeans a “classic”, but judging from the store’s sales data, the tide has changed a bit. Skinny was once the top jeans style among all customers, but today she says it’s more popular with “late career” shoppers. She explained that skinny jeans customers tend to have disposable income, are parents of teenage children or empty nesters, love to travel, and know their style. “She is well established in her life,” said Ivanov Smith, who buys less denim than trend-minded shoppers. In other words, she’s probably not that young.

Becca Mortensen, who runs the Etsy shop @jamesalantees, wears one of her best-selling “Side Part and Skinny Jeans” T-shirts and skinny jeans.


Becca Mortensen

Skinny jeans have a notable spokeswoman. Stylist and entrepreneur Rachel Zoe became famous for working with professional skinny influencers Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan during the heyday of 2018. Zoe herself usually wears 70’s flares (vintage Chloé is my favorite), but she chooses the best denim shape for her body and style, regardless of clothing or outfit. We fully support the rights. “I wouldn’t dare say that the era of skinny jeans is over,” said the stylist. She talked about the cyclical nature of the trend and emphasized that today’s mother jeans could easily be abolished by next year.

Zoe continued passionately. They don’t really like it, because it’s a trend. “

Meaning: Don’t feel the pressure to switch from reliable skinny to low-rise jeans. Next denim trend Flickering with trendsetters like TikTok and models Bella HadidIf skinny jeans are your safe and reliable childhood friend, her evil sister-in-law is Christina Aguilera-style abdominal exposed low-rise jeans. However, most women accustomed to high-waisted skinny will find their throwback style unfairly exposed, said Nordstrom’s Ivanoff-Smith.

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Do you look old in skinny jeans?These women don’t care

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