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Seattle, Washington 2021-10-18 22:05:00 –

Thousands of people across King County hospitalized with COVID-19 may be paying for medical care, but financial assistance is available.

The average hospital charge for a person with COVID-19 is about $ 50,000. Fair healthAnd, in complex cases, that number jumps over $ 300,000.

Washington state law requires hospitals to provide free or reduced costs to patients who earn under certain incomes. Senate bill 6273. This financial support is known as “charity care.”

According to the law, hospitals provide medically necessary free care to patients with incomes less than 100% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines and discounted care to patients with incomes less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Is obligatory. Ministry of Public Health.. However, many local hospitals have high thresholds for free care.

For example, according to the MultiCare website, at MultiCare Hospitals, those who earn up to 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines are eligible to reduce their hospital bills by 100%. CHI Franciscan, according to them, has the same threshold of 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines to qualify for free care Financial assistance policy..

2021 Federal Poverty Guidelines An individual’s annual income is $ 12,880, 300% of which is $ 38,640. This means that individuals with an annual income of $ 38,640 or less are eligible for free care at MultiCare and CHI hospitals.

For a family of four, the threshold increases to $ 79,500. You can see a complete breakdown of eligibility based on the size of the MultiCare family Financial Assistance Website..

According to MultiCare, families who earn 301% to 500% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines are also eligible for discounted medical care at MultiCare Hospital. However, the exact size of the discount will vary based on income, family size, and wealth. This does not apply to other hospitals.

These discounts apply regardless of the patient’s insurance status. Hospitals need to provide patients with information about financial support.

Financial assistance for hospital invoices is not automatic. To get the discount, you need to apply for help and prove your income. Most hospitals, including MultiCare and Virginia Mason Franciscan, have information and forms of financial support available online.

Do you need to pay for your COVID hospital stay? Source link Do you need to pay for your COVID hospital stay?

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