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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida — Thursday, Palm Beach County Doctors Life of a pilot receiving emergency treatment Being unconscious with a small private plane, Last week, I made an emergency landing at Palm Beach International Airport.

Dr. Nishant Patel, a cardiothoracic surgeon, held a press conference at the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center to discuss the condition and recovery of the 64-year-old pilot.

“The story is a miracle after a miracle,” Patel said.


Single-engine Cessna 208 after an emergency landing at Palm Beach International Airport on May 10, 2022.

Pier Ken Allen flew a single-engine Cessna 208 from Bahama to Fort Pierce, Florida on May 10 and suffered a life-threatening aortic dissection, which Patel called a “high mortality case.”

“About 50% of patients with this diagnosis can’t even go to the hospital,” Patel said. “Even with treatment and surgery, the risk of dying during surgery or hospitalization is very high.”

Watch the press conference with the video player below.

Palm Beach County Doctors Share Survival Story That Saved Pilot’s Life

Darren Harrison, 39, 39, a Lakeland man with no flight experience Miraculously controlled the aircraft and landed on PBIA Around 12:30 pm

“I knew we would die if I didn’t react,” Harrison told today’s Anchor Savannah Guthrie on Monday.

According to Patel, Allen was initially taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, where he showed signs of stroke, such as sagging on the left side of his face and loss of movement on one side of his body.

However, when Allen was discovered to require complex heart treatment, he was transferred to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, one of the region’s major heart hospitals.

The pilot underwent emergency surgery, which lasted from late May 10th to almost midnight.

Allen was released from the hospital on Monday, “resting comfortably locally” and “doing pretty well,” Patel said.

According to Harrison, Allen complained that he had a headache and was “absent-minded” before he fainted in the cockpit.

Darren Harrison speaks with today's Anchor Savannah Guthrie on May 16, 2022 (1) .jpg

Today, NBC News

Darren Harrison speaks with today’s Anchor Savannah Guthrie on May 16, 2022.

“The moment he explained to his friends on the plane, everyone feels sick. I have the worst headache in my life. I’m vaguely blinded. That’s exactly what happened in his aorta.” Said Patel. “It was really very noteworthy to be able to survive that acute event.”

According to Patel, Allen will stay in South Florida for a few weeks for observation before returning to Polk County.

Doctor who saved pilot’s life shares ‘remarkable’ survival story Source link Doctor who saved pilot’s life shares ‘remarkable’ survival story

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