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LIn February, Dr. Bryce Mech, 30, was trapped in a toilet and cried for five minutes when a patient who had been watching for several weeks in the intensive care unit died of Covid-19. They asked her to tell people in their area to be vaccinated. Of the 20 patients treated with Covid-19, only 3 survived.

Every week, when I saw a patient at a primary care clinic in Columbia, Missouri, MEC’s ​​frustration increased. They told her that they were hesitant to vaccinate, shared false information, and pressured their friends not to vaccinate. “I wish only clinic patients could meet people suffering in the hospital,” said Mech, who continues to experience the long-term effects of the virus on his own.

More than ever, medical professionals are free from the relentless sadness and trauma of pandemics. But it’s not just the number of patients that matters. They deal with the dissonance of unvaccinated patients and the constraints of their health care system, leaving them lacking the tools to work in a trained way. The danger is great for the workforce facing this psychological and emotional sacrifice. Physicians have little support or margin for mistakes and suffer from professional consequences when revealing mental health problems.

Some of what they are experiencing can be encapsulated in two terms: moral injury and compassionate fatigue.

“Compassionate fatigue is an emotion.” It’s hard to worry about when overloaded, but I’m still devoted to my work, “said Dr. Carnan Mannion, Secretary-General of the Physician’s Rights Center. .. “Moral injuries occur when a nurse or doctor feels like this.” Patients I have devoted my life to treatment are now here because of their own negligence. To the continuous danger of this virus. “

Recently, Mech knows it directly.She is watching more Children More than ever with Covid-19 at a Missouri hospital. At 46% Missouri It is one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. “I don’t even have the opportunity to show you all the momentary decisions and critical thinking and compassion I can make,” Mech said. “Practicing mindfulness cannot correct moral injuries.”

of KansasThe ICU bed is occupied by more Covid-19 patients than at any other time during the pandemic, and the morgue Oregon, And a doctor in Palm Beach County, Florida, Press conference To trust them and get vaccinated.

Dr. Anita Sirker, a California-based infectious disease doctor, has been angry with a patient who has a life-threatening illness in Covid-19 but was able to avoid the illness by vaccination. not. “The fatigue of compassion has begun,” she said in a widely shared manner. Editorial.. “Even hope is now lacking for those of us who did not leave after the most difficult years of our professional life.”

So far, almost 660,000 In the United States, people died of Covid-19.With the current spike in the case, that number is expected to be increased by another 100,000 By December, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden.

The School of Medicine did not prepare an emergency medicine intern, Dr. Michel Sue, 29, to address the incorrect information. “We didn’t have the magic trick on our sleeves, so we felt depressed and lethargic,” she said, with the Covid-19 surge in Houston last summer and what it gave patients. I looked back on the impact. “That’s why it’s so hard to see this pandemic wave because we have a vaccine and we know it works.”

Dr. Emmett Brown, 46, “was vaccinated with all the vaccines known to humans” while serving in the military for 12 years. Today, Arizona-based orthopedists are dissatisfied with the unvaccinated population, which makes the pandemic feel like a battlefield. “Medicine is based on science and professionals. We don’t know when expert opinions and expertise lag behind politics,” Brown said.

Result of Covid surge It is severe for Brown’s patients. She has to tell them that she cannot perform shoulder replacement or spinal surgery because she does not have an ICU bed or nurse to perform surgery. She is worried that people will get sick and continue to feel stressed without timely care.

This puts a heavy burden on doctors across the country, so their own options for seeking help may be limited.Unlike other professions, doctors at professional risk in their work face Multiple barriers To mental health care. They risk being asked invasive questions about their mental health history or submitting medical records in litigation in state medical licenses, hospital privileges, insurance company qualifications, and malpractice insurance applications. May affect you. They can be sent to the Physician Health Program (PHP). Controversial program It was founded to help doctors in difficult times.Doctor dies suicide so Highest rate Of any profession.

“We are probably the most responsible of all professions, so if you do not follow standard care, you will not only be judged and banished by your peers, but we will be punished.” Said Brown. “We need to tackle all of this in the face of navigating patients who are intentionally non-compliant who want to poison themselves. [with therapies that haven’t been tested] Rather than helping a public health disaster. “

“I don’t believe the rules are in their favor because of such stigma and so much strengthening for these doctors,” he said. Lorna Breen Heroes Foundation, Advocates the happiness of doctors. The organization honors Breen, the medical director of the emergency department at a New York City hospital who committed suicide on April 26, 2020.

She was afraid that “if someone had the whims of thinking she couldn’t keep up,” her professional reputation would be compromised, Feist said.

Co-founded by Philadelphia-based psychiatrist Dr. Mona Masoud Doctor support lineFree confidential peer-to-peer telephone service with 800 volunteer psychiatrists. Prompted by the crisis they faced in the early stages of the pandemic, they gave them about 10,000 minutes of help a month. Volunteers do not have a formal doctor-patient relationship, so the support line does not need to report the caller. Many doctors can get help without fear of personal conversation or revealing their medical condition.

During the pandemic, “the number of telephone calls has definitely increased,” said Masoud, who had many conversations centered around the fatigue of compassion and the disruption of the doctor-patient relationship. “I endanger my life, my family’s life, and my well-being for those who don’t care about me,” she said.

Meanwhile, Beck said doctors and other health professionals need secret mental health care to deal with the moral injuries they suffer during a pandemic. Healthcare professionals manage with as few resources as triage can do, just as they work in humanitarian disasters.

“This was inevitable for Detroit and Newyork. [because the vaccine wasn’t available]But it can be avoided now, and we are still here, “Beck said. “It just kills people’s souls.”

Doctors Treating Unvaccinated Covid Patients Succumb to Compassionate Fatigue | US Medical Care

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