Dodgers-Why Padres’ Turbocharged Rivals Are Great for Baseball | San Diego Padres

IIf you ask the Los Angeles Dodgers They may deny They have a rivalry with the San Diego Padres. After all, the Dodgers have dominated the National League West in the last eight seasons, but San Diego Padres’ first post-2020 appearance since 2006. It was a three-person president. However, the first two series of the season have revealed that if the team wasn’t previously a rival, it’s definitely a rival now.

Dodgers pitcher Dennis Santana hit Padres batter Jorge Mateo in additional innings on April 16th, the first regular season match between the two teams in 2021. The igniter of the brawl.. The Dodgers won the fight of the day and beat Padres not in the fight, but in the scoreboard, where it really matters. Thanks to Corey Seager’s home run at the start of the rally, he won 11-6 in the 12th inning. That wasn’t the only Dodgers talent for drama. In their next game, Mookie Betts caught a ridiculous game save to maintain a 2-0 LA lead. The exorbitant World Series favorites seemed to be in control of them.

But since then, the Padres have won four out of five games between the two clubs. Meanwhile, bad blood got worse. It was the third game in a thrilling and exhausted four-game series when Fernando Tatis Jr. of San Diego hit a home run with Trevor Bauer on April 24th. Covered one of his eyes while he was running on the base, Peeled from other teams.

why? Now, Bauer, an active NL Cy Young award winner, pitched with one eye closed during the preseason. People who pay attention to him.. Opponent batters, as you can imagine, did not respond kindly, especially after Bauer defeated Seattle Mariners third baseman Ty France.So when Tatis took him deep, he enjoyed the opportunity Engage in some ridicule..

In a real “I’m not angry, this is funny” fashion, Bauer replied in a long video that Tatis’s celebration was fine. But he then Blame Tatis for stealing signs..This led to two Interact on Twitter On the eve of the series finale, the Padres won 8-7. They won’t meet again until June 21st, and given the amount of entertainment the two teams have already provided, it’s the date the fans should have circled on the calendar.

It’s a pity that I have to wait so long.Healthy competition makes the sport more exciting, and it is especially MLB.. For example, in the NFL, the league season is short, so every game has a playoff feel. The slow pace of baseball combined with the regular season of 162 games makes it impossible for the team to always play at high intensity. If one team has the special motivation to beat the other, it will almost always be a more entertaining game.

Thanks to MLB’s unbalanced schedule, this is especially true for rivals in the division who are already competing for first place in the rankings and will play 19 times during the regular season. The teams get to know each other better and we all know what kind of familiarity will be created.

Not surprisingly, most of the league’s marquee rivals are between teams that share a division. New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox. St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs. New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies. And of course, the Dodgers are their traditional enemy, San Francisco Giants..

In comparison, the Dodger Spa Dress isn’t even worth mentioning Wikipedia page of MLB rivals.. That’s probably because the Padres don’t have the most famous history. Since starting their career as an expansion team in 1969, they have appeared twice in the World Series and have lost both times. The Dodgers, on the other hand, have won six championships since moving from Brooklyn (counting that, the Dodgers have also won one).

Padres knows that if he wants to be more respected, he must win it in the field. Entering the playoffs last year was a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, they were attacked by the soon-to-be-world champion Dodgers in the National League Division Series.

Without hesitation, Padres spent the off-season I’m trying to build a team that can beat the Dodgers.. First, the Padres traded for Blake Snell and Yu Darvish to boost their starting rotation. A few months later, the Dodgers signed a three-year contract with Bauer, and Padres signed a 14-year $ 340 million extension with Tatis Jr. It was a huge deal, but it was a sign that they were serious about building a team that could stay competitive for years.

These moves not only helped both teams from a baseball perspective, but also ensured that they would be two of the most attractive teams of the season. 22-year-old Tatis is an MVP talent and could soon rival Bets as one of the best players in the game.On the other hand, a talented but polarized Bauer Brings controversy wherever he goes.. It’s no coincidence that these two players came to the forefront of one of the league’s most interesting stories.

If that’s not enough, there’s another interesting problem. If you look at the NL West rankings this weekend, you’ll notice that the Giants, not the Dodgers or Padres, sit on top of the toughest division of baseball. .. Just because the Dodgers-Padres are in the spotlight doesn’t mean the Dodgers-Giants aren’t that hot.

The fight for the best division of baseball could be a three-team race featuring two of the league’s best rivals. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, You must be counting this as a positive development In sports that have been struggling to retain fans for the last few years.

Dodgers-Why Padres’ Turbocharged Rivals Are Great for Baseball | San Diego Padres

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