Dodge’s fastest muscle car in history is said to be an electric car

Dodge have Repeated warning We need to shift from V8 to comply with the looming emission regulations. But using electricity is no excuse to stop making performance cars. The company reportedly uses the instantaneous torque of a battery-powered drivetrain to create the fastest car ever released.

Part of Huge stellantis group Founded in early 2021, Dodge follows other sister companies in electrification.Anonymous sources familiar with the automaker’s product pipeline said Detroit station One of them EV “It will be the fastest” currently under development [Dodge] Until now “, the honor once held by Challenger Demon Launched in 2018 with a 2.3 second sprint from 0 mph to 60 mph. since then, Various electric car manufacturers Have got Claims speeds of 0-60 mph Times. The old devil also posted a 9.65 second quarter mile at 140 mph.Dodge’s Hot Rod EV may be faster, assuming the engineer pulls it off Tesla Model S Plaid And the claimed 1.91 second sprint.

Dodge doesn’t elaborate on its electrification strategy, so rumor The EV arrives as a coupe or sedan. It’s not unreasonable to think that it will be previewed by the concept. It may even be created for drag strips.rival Chevrolet Already paved the way when it was built 700 horsepower COPO Camaro In 2018. Ford Made electricity Mustang Drag cars too Defeated the devil’s 1/4 mile time.. Similarly, there’s no word about when this mysterious EV can be seen in the showroom. But there is nothing to suggest that it is right there.

Don’t be afraid, high octane fans. Dodge is not yet completely electrical.It will build Challenger According to the document, at least until 2023 Release By the Canadian Union in 2020, and by the Coupe and its new variants Charger The brothers (pictured) are on the company roadmap. It’s too early to tell if the Hemi V8 engine will die on these machines, Detroit News Also emphasized it Plugin hybrid The technology is on Dodge’s radar, which is a perfect match comment Fiat Chrysler Automobiles at that time in January 2019 (FCA) Boss Mike Manly.

“I think electrification will certainly be part of an official indication of what American muscles are in the future. It’s gone with a V8, supercharged, 700-horsepower engine,” Manly said. Next Challenger..

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Dodge’s fastest muscle car in history is said to be an electric car

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