Does he do or does not? Why Trump’s bullying over 2024 is right for him | Donald Trump

The date of Saturday, October 9, 2021 may remain in political history.Or at least what it is Donald Trump I want you to believe it.

That night, Trump Held a rally in Iowa, A well-known starting point for US presidential candidates, the state is the first in the process of electing major political parties and has already attracted potential candidates for the 2024 Republican nomination.

Trump’s ability to draw a noisy crowd there, despite his first term ending in defeat and shame, the 75-year-old takes accurate revenge by reclaiming the White House from Democrat Joe Biden. It only fuels speculation that it is intended.

No one knows if this is true-perhaps not even Trump himself. But bullying over 2024 is perfect for playing cards at multiple levels. It keeps him properly as the dominant Republican. It still maintains cash flow from donors dedicated to his purpose. And it always longs for celebrities and complements the ego that has been the focus of attention.

“Look, this is the guy who’s been on the top page for the rest of his life,” he said. Henry Olsen, Senior Research Fellow, Think Tank, Center for Ethics and Public Policy. “One of the things he learned was that what he experienced at the New York Post, Apprentice, or the top page of his book was like the constant attention gained by being an international politician. There is nothing comparable. “

It’s not surprising that perhaps the most unorthodox president in American history, Trump, should avoid philanthropy and accept one of the most unorthodox post-presidents. Presidential library It occupied the people in front of him.

From Mar-a-Lago’s real estate in Florida, Trump took a break from golf, issued an email statement (he’s banned from social media), interviewed right-wing media, and Campaign style rally In the fierce battle state, everything poisoned his successor and falsely claimed he was the true winner of the 2020 elections.

At the rally, when Republican politicians and supporters urged him to run again to correct this perceived injustice, he continued to boil intriguing prospects without consenting or excluding it. increase. He also bends his political muscles by supporting protrump candidates in various parliamentary races.

If he officially withdraws from the race, such intervention will carry less influence. So was his mass e-mail soliciting donations to his relevant political action committee.Playing cards Raise over $ 100 million This is an unprecedented number for a former president in the first half of this year. He comfortably blamed all other Republicans on WinRed, the party’s main portal for online donations.

Olsen, the author of the Working Class Republican Party, said:His true power comes from his plausible ability to say “I can be president again”, so I think it will definitely help maintain his influence... “

He added: “I’m sure it will help him raise money. Sure, if you’re one of the 5 or 10 million people who loved everything he said and might have given him money in the past, he The fact that may become president-elect certainly encourages you to make a smaller donation.

Supporters of Trump at the Kalman rally. Photo: Chip Somode Villa / Getty Images

Trump carefully watches the chatter in 2024, but his wife Melania It is said that you have little appetite I’m happy to stir up the flames to return to the White House.His camp earlier this month Email the results In the 2024 Republican Presidential First Vote by Emerson, Trump was 67%, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was 10%, and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was 7%.

Anecdotal evidence from Trump’s rally suggests that Desantis, who has defeated Trump’s hostility to the media, poses the greatest electoral threat. Most supporters remain enthusiastic and loyal to the former president, but occasionally want to see him hand over the torch to Desantis.

Critics believe that this trend may have spurred Trump’s recent vigorous activity. Tara SetomeyerFormer Republican Communications Director at Capitol Hill said: “The rise of Ron DeSantis is a direct threat to Trump’s relevance. It’s no coincidence that Ron DeSantis is constantly seen on Fox News.”

Setomeyer, Lincoln Project, Anti-Trump Group, Added: “”Playing cards Ron DeSantis believes it is a direct threat to his popularity and is in his home state of Florida. Trump is a master communicator and marketer and understands when brands are getting old, so he has to keep saying and do what is relevant to him. “

Uncertainty makes life awkward for others Republican I’m considering doing it. Trump’s allies, who continue to push the lie of stolen elections, are working to create the inevitable air around his nomination.

Ohio General Assembly Jim Jordan was recently recorded In a secret video, he says: “President Trump, he’s going to run again. I know. I talked to him yesterday. He’s ready to announce after all this madness in Afghanistan.” Trump’s 2020 campaign Senior adviser Jason Miller told Cheder that Trump’s chances of being run again are “somewhere between 99 and 100%.”

However, there are still many obstacles to Trump’s bold political return. He will be 78 at the time of the next election (although Biden will be even older). He was impeached twice, but could face an investigation into his role in causing the riots at the US Capitol in Washington on January 6.

Loss of Trump’s power He is now robbing him, his family, and his company of the legal protection he enjoyed while at the White House.New York this summer Prosecutor brought criminal accusation His real estate company, The Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, have been taxed since 2005.

But again, Trump is another candidate for president, with the hope that the Justice Department will hesitate to be seen as carrying out politically motivated prosecutions in a harsh partisan atmosphere. It may provide a reason to stay alive with the outlook. Such a move would certainly cause a howl of Republican anger.

But fundamentally, some observers suspect that his will-he doesn’t-his dilemma is simply about Trump’s desire to tell an insatiable story.

Kurt Valdera, An adviser to the Democratic House of Commons campaign committee, who believes Trump will be carried out, said: Driven by pure ego and narcissism, he meets many of his needs by running for president. It’s just the focus of attention, whether to win, lose, or draw to be talked about.

“We’ve seen throughout his life that when you boil it down, everything he does is about it. People like Ron DeSantis say,’The next Donald Trump.’ Nothing burns him as much as when he sees it labeled. I think he believes that the final chapter hasn’t been written yet and isn’t ready to turn the page, or someone else isn’t ready to turn the page. “

Does he do or does not? Why Trump’s bullying over 2024 is right for him | Donald Trump

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