Dog days return: Humane Society ‘happy to have people back’ – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-08-22 00:14:37 –

The Big Island Humane Association officially welcomed the return of civilians to shelters after closing at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Citizens can visit the shelters in Keaau and Holualoa from Friday to Tuesday from 10 am to 3 pm. People can meet dogs and cats to find out their size and personality directly, but adoption and foster care applications must be made online before taking the animal home.

Lauren Nickerson, Chief Executive Officer, said: “Our dogs only really know our faces, and we look forward to them starting to feel comfortable with the new people who come to see them.”

They can’t touch the dog, but visitors can grab a small cup of treat to give to the dog while walking in the kennel area.

“We want to connect new people with positivity. The return of people seems to have helped dogs show off their personality,” said Nickerson. “People are helping animals just by visiting.”

HIHS continues its adoption program. The program gives potential pet owners the opportunity to see if dogs and cats are suitable before they are officially adopted.

Individuals and families interested in adoption can visit humanitarian shelters to see dogs and cats available for adoption and to view photos on the humanitarian website.

Applicants must apply online, wait for approval and pet reservations, and then have the shelter staff schedule animal pick-up.

After up to two weeks, the adopter will be asked to continue the adoption with the intention of adopting the animal, returning the animal, or allowing someone else to adopt.

HIHS wants to provide a safe and temporary environment for animals to grow, recover and breed while waiting for adoption and transport, while reducing the pressure on their shelter capacity.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, everyone seemed to bake banana bread to raise dogs,” Nickerson said. “I’m a little depressed now. I want to remind you that these programs are still available and in great need.”

Transport foster parents are available for dogs scheduled to be transported to mainland shelters. The dog stays with foster volunteers for a few weeks before being taken to the airport.

“Our transport training is a great way for people to step into training in general,” Nickerson said. “Volunteers don’t feel the pressure to adopt dogs, because these dogs have to go somewhere and it’s okay.”

Medical foster parents are also available for dogs that have recovered from surgery or medical conditions.

“Sometimes dogs only need a safe place to better recover from surgery,” Nickerson said. “Many of these dogs are medium to large and elderly, so shelters are not always the best place to recover.”

Volunteers can also apply for regular foster care to open a kennel. It also helps you learn what it’s like to be part of a loved one for an animal in need.

Foster parents will have access to the medical and behavioral support of a humanitarian society while caring for dogs and cats.

The off-campus learning program is available to anyone interested in bringing out available dogs for the day.

“Even leaving the shelter makes a big difference to our dog,” Nickerson said. “Excursions and overnight parties give them the long-awaited break from the shelter and help them shine their personality.”

Anyone interested in dog foster care can send an email to foster@hihs.org.

For more information on adoption, available animals, and field trip programs, please visit hihs.org.

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Dog days return: Humane Society ‘happy to have people back’ Source link Dog days return: Humane Society ‘happy to have people back’

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