Dog the Bounty Hunter speaks out against Colorado’s jail reform bill – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-05-07 20:39:36 –

Denver — one of The most talked-about bill at the 2021 legislative assembly Currently, it is attracting the attention of TV celebrities.

Duane Chapman, well known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, Senate Bill 62 Because he believes it helps criminals.

Chapman has been a bounty hunter for over 40 years and has starred in several well-known arrests on a series of reality television shows following his bounty hunter career. He is also a writer and frequently attends talk shows as a guest.

Senate Bill 62 will continue some of the practices that state-wide law enforcement agencies have implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce prison population.

First, the bill prohibits police officers from arresting persons who commit low-level crimes, including accusations of certain misdemeanors and felony charges. Instead of arresting the suspect, police officers issue a court subpoena instead.

The second part of the bill limits the types of bonds the court can offer to these defendants. Instead of issuing a guarantee bond, also known as a cash guarantee, the court must issue a personal relations (PR) guarantee to those suspected of committing these crimes.

By doing this, more people will be released from prison while waiting for their trial date.

Mr Chapman has expressed deep criticism that he believes the bill is aimed at saving money, not protecting victims.

“The only reason they submit such a bill is probably that they weren’t victims of the crime, because it really hurt them,” Chapman said.

In the current version of the bill, suspected car thefts will be issued a court subpoena instead of being arrested.

“It costs more to glue the car [of the impound lot] Defendants spend more time out of jail to be released free of charge than under the bill, “Chapman said. “You can’t stop a crime by letting them go for free, absolutely free. It’s not a deterrent.”

Mr Chapman, part of the bill, is particularly concerned that he will allow the defendant not to appear in court three times before the judge is allowed to issue cash collateral in this case. Stated.

“It will clog the court system, and that’s what’s happening all over the country,” he said.

The bill passed the first committee’s tests in early March, but has not been raised again since then.

The co-sponsor of the bill has removed a series of amendments to remove car theft and class four felony from the court’s summons clause, expand the summons exemption and reduce the number of times defendants cannot appear from three, including deadly weapons. I am considering it. To 2 before the cash bond is issued.

Still, Chapman and the bill’s opponents want the bill to be killed and seriously remade.

“If you drop it from 3 to 2, you can still let it go twice for free. As a victim, you want the person to go to jail,” he said. “Please take it from me, and with over 40 years of experience, this bill is not particularly good for the victims.”

He agrees that defendants should not be bound by $ 100 bonds, but believes that judges should tackle the topic themselves.

Others disagree and believe that the bill is an important step in reducing prison population.

Dog the Bounty Hunter speaks out against Colorado’s jail reform bill Source link Dog the Bounty Hunter speaks out against Colorado’s jail reform bill

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