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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-06-09 05:25:04 –

Posey County, Indianaate) – Indiana relatives of a girl injured in a case with her dog are protesting a judge’s decision to euthanize a large boxer puppy, Jaeger.

Jaeger’s owner, May Robinson, said that her 4-year-old granddaughter Kinley Newman accidentally stepped on an animal, causing him to jump up and scratch her face, leaving a wound that needed surgery. Happened on January 30th. Since then, the family hasn’t seen the dog yet.

Kinley Newman said, “I want to stroke him again. She and her grandmother May Robinson are doing everything they can to reunite with their hairy friends.

They made a peaceful protest outside Mount Vernon City Hall and asked the mayor to allow his family to visit the dog.

“We want him to be released, but now I just want to see him. I just want to see him and know he’s okay,” said May Robinson. Her 8 The old boxer has been taking care of animal care since the end of January after jumping and scratching Kinley’s face. Even after being injured, the 4-year-old girl still wants to get her dog back.

“Yeah. He didn’t bite me, he scratched me,” Kinley explained.

Senior Judge Robert Alesworth said the dog had no history of violence, but the case was horrifying. Jager was scheduled to be euthanized in May, but Robinson appealed.

“I don’t know how many months it will take until it’s over,” Robinson said.

Meanwhile, community members are asking Mayor Bill Curtis to finally allow Robinson to visit Jaeger.

“I know he’s in court, but I don’t think he’s asking his owner, who loves and cares for him, to go see him. That is, he’s in his cell. , I haven’t seen the sun or lawn for 128 days and could be there for months, “said Tina Parker of the Posey Humane Society.

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