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Portland, Oregon 2021-07-16 14:45:25 –

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) —The US Department of Justice has issued a new list of requests from the Portland Police Department as federal authorities and the city of Portland continue to communicate over a joint settlement agreement.

According to a spokesperson for Mayor Ted Wheeler, some of the nine requests discussed on Tuesday required the city to implement the camera program it wears for all executives.

The complete list of requests includes a variety of items, including investigating and training police officers’ use of force, maintaining police accountability, and community involvement.

The complete list is below.

  • Portland City Must Implement Cameras Weared by All Officers
  • The City of Portland needs to revise its Force Data Collection Report and Post-Action Review Form to include information “to show the timeliness needed for completion and review”.
  • The City of Portland must contract with a qualified external entity to critically evaluate the city’s response to the 2020 crowd management event in a public report containing recommendations that the city will respond to publicly. . “
  • The City of Portland needs to develop a “needs assessment” for crowd management training that appropriately addresses the issue of the PPB’s response to the 2020 protest. We suggest that this should be part of the community management assessment described earlier. “
  • The City of Portland says, “We need to ensure that the PPB budget covers the training required each year for officers, without resorting to overtime.”
  • The City of Portland said, “To ensure consistent and appropriate training based on problem-based learning and other generally accepted adult learning techniques, the head of a qualified private sector in the PPB training department Must be appointed. “
  • The City of Portland “Needs to Identify and Retain Responsibility [Rapide Response Team] Lieutenant or above who approved power without sufficient justification during the 2020 protests. “
  • If the City of Portland’s proposal to address the timeliness and quality of the investigation and effective discipline is the implementation of a new voter-approved regional police oversight committee, the city will propose an amendment to the agreement within 90 days. And an orderly transition plan needs to be developed. Full implementation of the board. “
  • The City of Portland will issue an annual report for 2020, hold the necessary meetings by the end of the summer of 2021, and do the same for 2022 and future years when the agreement is still in effect. is needed.”

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DOJ requests body cameras for Portland police officers Source link DOJ requests body cameras for Portland police officers

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