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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-07-20 17:32:39 –

Walton, Kentucky (LEX 18) —Governor Andy Beshear seems to be very well lately, and that feeling was amplified in Walton on Tuesday morning. Dollar General.

“This suggests we’re entering an era of prosperity we’ve never seen before, and many thought it wasn’t possible in Kentucky,” the governor said. He said after talking to hundreds of Dollar General employees in this new warehouse.

Governor Bescher is free to govern the state as he intended when he ran for this office in 2019, largely thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine. He thanked the crowd for saying that the state’s post-pandemic economy was “burning.” They because of their role in doing so.

“We are no longer in Flyover,” he explained, making Kentucky the hub of large corporate headquarters.

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Mr. Bescher quoted several analysts studying economic trends, such as Moody’s, and said that in most cases the state feels like it’s on the rise.

“And not just per capita, Governor Bescher continued,” But when we compare us to all states. “

The distribution center will serve up to 300 stores in three states, adding approximately 300 jobs to the Kentucky workforce. For a man standing on the cross of the state’s pandemic unemployment crisis, this is, of course, a good result of his vantage point.

“It’s 300 families with food on the table. 300 Kentuckies who know how to serve their children every day,” Bescher said.


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Still, the governor is looking at a variant of the COVID-19 Delta, which can slow some of our growth, but he says it’s too far to completely impede progress. ..

“No, I won’t go back!” He exclaimed. “The place we are (now) is a very different place, but it’s serious,” he said of the variant.

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