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Wichita, Kang (KSNW) – Share her story to help others take the same step out of the abuser. A survivor who shares her past to help raise awareness of the situation.

Survivors said they were afraid to leave the abusers, but did it for their children in the hope of breaking the cycle of abuse. She wasn’t the only one the Wichita Family Crisis Center helped about 2,000 survivors last year.

“There are ways you have to go your own way and take that first step,” said the survivor.

It’s a cycle of abuse since childhood.

“I have dealt with domestic violence and all forms of abuse from an early age to adulthood with children,” said the survivor.

One survivor said she broke the cycle for her children.

“When I started looking at patterns like when I was young and now I’m looking at older daughters, you just don’t want them to fall into the same pattern they want to be their example.” .. Survivor.

“The recidivism of abusive children becoming abusers or victims is so high that our survivors feel that they cannot do it themselves or are not authorized to do it themselves. It’s really important, as you said you would do this if you were, “do it for your child,” said Amanda Myers, Managing Director of the Wichita Family Crisis Center.

Myers has seen an influx of people seeking resources and help since the pandemic was lifted.

“We often want to say that we just need to get out of the relationship and break up with others, but in many cases we need a little more compassion and the process can be much slower than that. There is, “said Myers.

“Things are looking up to regain my independence, and uh, I’ll have a home for the first time, it will be ours that we don’t have to walk on eggshells “The survivor said.

If you need help to leave an abusive relationship, here are some resources.

Domestic hotline: 1-800-799-7233

Wichita Family Crisis Center: 316-267-7233 or click here..

Optional domestic violence: 785-625-4202

Wichita Police Station: 316-268-4272

StepStone: 316-265-1611 Or visit the following website. click here

Catholic Charities Domestic Violence Shelter Harbor House: 316-263-6000 or click here..

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