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Even by Donald Trump’s chaotic standards, “Comprehensive peace agreementIt was a big own goal for Afghanistan, which was signed by the United States in Doha in February 2020.

The agreement did not presuppose a binding ceasefire, power sharing requirements, and a political roadmap. In return for some giant jumbo about al-Qaeda, Trump promised a complete unconditional withdrawal of the United States and NATO within 14 months.

This was not peacebuilding. This was a surrender. The Taliban could hardly believe their luck.

Trump wanted to politically benefit from “taking the army home”, even if the majority had already left. Other than that, he was completely indifferent to the fate of the Afghan people.

American and British soldiers were amazed. There were also diplomats, politicians, aid agencies and analysts familiar with Afghanistan.But their The oncoming catastrophe warning was ignored..

Despite being plagued by official secrets, two abominable reports this month are from the U.S. public oversight and the other by the Foreign Commission (FAC) of the British Parliament. There was, revealing the almost incredible incompetence of the two governments.

Boris Johnson and then British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab were unable to effectively challenge the Doha Agreement and were not fully prepared for the 2021 withdrawal. According to a FAC report.

On July 8, 2021, Johnson was happy to tell the Commons that “there is no military path to the Taliban’s victory.” On August 15, Kabul fell. Chaos reigned. The evacuees have died. The dog was saved. However, many of the Afghan staff and workers employed in the United Kingdom did not.

At the expense of the lives of tens of thousands of people in the United States, Great Britain and Afghanistan, 20 years of nation-building have been blown away on a few shameful days. Johnson and Rab should have resigned After that, however, I didn’t. I still have time, everyone.

Report by US Special Inspector General (Sigar) Condemned the calamity of Trump and his successor Joe BidenAnd then President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani.

Biden was certainly a mistake.. He insisted on renegotiation of Doha and should have US troops stationed at Bagram base on the outskirts of Kabul. European NATO allies should have expressed their anxiety more aggressively.

But the responsibility lies primarily with the man who caused this deadly geopolitical car accident. While proud of his prowess as a trader, Trump succumbed to a feudal warlord gang. And they soon defaulted to tyranny.

The ongoing Afghan tragedy today is just one aspect of Trump’s toxic heritage. The negative effects of his presidency are still felt around the world, and there is not enough time to dispel its harmful sequelae.

Two years later, Trump or a Trump-approved Republican clone could regain the White House. His reaction, Destructive America First Agenda The United States may re-instruct how to deal with or cannot deal with the big global challenges of the day.

This dire outlook is more likely due to Biden’s apparent incompetence. AfghanistanBasically shift the dial in the range of major international issues.

For example, occupational violence between Israelis and Palestinians on the West Bank and elsewhere. At the highest level since 2014, according to the United Nations..

Trump abandoned peace efforts and the internationally preferred two-state solution, ignored the Palestinian Authority, “Abraham Agreement” Focusing on Business Between Israel, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain..

This was not the historic breakthrough he claimed, as neither Gulf nations threatened Israel. However, it pushed the Palestinians further to the limit, Supporting justification of “apartheid crime”Characterized by Human Rights Watch, of successive Israeli governments.

Biden recently condemned yet another expansion of an illegal settlement on the West Bank. But he has done little to revive the peace process.Maybe this is he Visit Israel later this year.. It may not be.

Biden also seems to have succumbed to Israeli pressure Iran.. Trump foolishly refuted the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran. Since then, Iran has reportedly been steadily approaching the acquisition of nuclear weapons capabilities.

Trump’s blunder, coupled with the repeated assassinations of Israel and the United States against prominent Iranians, has heightened tensions. However, despite a firm promise, Biden was unable to revive his deal. Now he seems to give up..

The TV screen at the station in Seoul shows a report on the North Korean missile launch. Photo: Lee Jinman / AP

Trump made a fool of himself in an attempt to attract Kim Jong Un, a nuclear-armed North Korean dictator. His photo session summit raised Kim’s zero-return fame.Kim recently Launch ballistic missiles so that there is no tomorrow.. It may not be his way.

But North Korea is another tinderbox issue where Biden has nothing new to say.his Last week’s visit to Korea and Japan Emphasizing how much he has ignored China and the Indo-Pacific region, it is seemingly his top priority abroad.

Trump’s attempt to put pressure on China punished the United States.He chose Trade struggle to hurt US exporters Boycotted the Trans-Pacific Partnership – more own goals.

Now Biden is trying to pick up his work late, Reassure Taiwan’s U.S. military supportStrengthen regional alliances and launch “Indo-Pacific Economic Framework” to counter China.

Some of his problems are self-harm, but Biden’s struggle to repair the global damage caused by Trump’s four-year rampage is Russian war in Ukraine..

Trump relentlessly sued Vladimir Putin. He forcibly destroyed NATO and the EU. He then clashed with Putin’s enemy, Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky. Pressured to undermine Biden’s credibility..

Trump appeared to be mysteriously watched over by the Kremlin’s mafia boss in the office. He still does.

Now Putin’s brutal imperialism threatens to damage Trump’s archenemy, Biden, upsetting his international and domestic priorities, and crediting America’s global leadership if Russia wins. Hurt.

The symmetry is impressive. Ukrainian horror, directed by Moscow, robbed Joe of his chance in 2024. It seems that Don and Donald are working together. Destroy your thoughts!

Donald and the Kremlin Don: How Trump’s Toxic Legacy Helps Putin | Simon Tisdall

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