Donald Trump’s attempt to overthrow the Republic failed , But the Danger to our Democracy still exists – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2021-01-14 10:06:31 –

Charlie Ditch
Pittsburgh Current Editor

AWhen the issue was reported, US Congress voted for President Donald Trump for a second impeachment.

Trump is the first president to be impeached twice in history. At this point, everyone knows how we got to this place.

Donald Trump was on the road to Washington Mall on January 6 when Congress gathered to prove that Joe Biden had defeated the President of the United States. Trump gave his followers a speech that continued to supply some false stories that led to the Capitol rebellion:

Elections stolen
“All of us here today don’t want to see our election wins stolen by the bold and radical Left Democrats, which they are doing, and stolen by fake news media. That’s what they did and what they do. We never give up. We never give up. It doesn’t happen. We don’t give up even if it’s stolen, “Trump said. Said.

Vice President Mike Pence had the power to overturn the outcome of a fair election.
“I hope Mike does the right thing. That’s right. If Mike Pence does the right thing, we’ll win the election …. Vice President Pence has to do All you have to do is send it back to the state and recertify, and we will be presidents and you are the happiest people. And I actually spoke to Mike. I said, Mike. It doesn’t require courage, it requires courage to do nothing. It takes courage, but it suffers from the president who lost the election and has to live with it for another four years. Hmm. I’m not going to make that happen. Mike Pence, I hope you stand up for the benefit of our constitution and our country. (Applause) And if not, I’m you You will be very disappointed. I will tell you now. I have not heard a good story. “

Unless something happens quickly, Trump won’t be president for much longer.
“After this, we’ll walk, and I’ll be there with you. We … walk to the Capitol and cheer for brave senators, MPs, and women. Perhaps I wouldn’t support some people so much, because weaknesses will never regain our country. “

Sadly, we all know what happened from there. Thousands of people, QAnon conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, anti-Semites, and, frankly, some “ordinary” people who marched to the Capitol in favor of the rhetoric that provokes Trump’s cult. A crowd that may be considered. I tried to overthrow the Capitol and our democracy.

Some were armed, some were left behind, and even if not assassinated, they were trying to physically harm our leaders, including Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. There were also people. Congressman Alexandria Ocasiocortes, a frequent target of Trump’s Vitriol, had a “close encounter” with the intruder and thought she would die. Raise a flag on the stairs of the Parliament building. Police officers from other parliament buildings wore MAGA hats and took selfies with the armed groups.

And they were probably not alone. Daily reports are issued on parliamentarians and other officials who may have played an active role in planning and execution.

This was not a protest. It was at least a sedition and, at best, a treason against the United States. Jerry Dickinson, a professor of constitution at the University of Pittsburgh, said many of the rebels in the Capitol last week would argue that they were merely expressing their constitutional right to freedom of speech. However, Dickinson states that the protection of the First Amendment is “not unlimited.” And those actions were of an incendiary nature, an attempt to overthrow the government.

“Because it is a federal crime to use force and violence to break into both the House and Senate floors, it is likely that many protesters who attacked both House and Senate floors violated federal law.” Said Dickinson. “This was an incendiary attack on American democracy and a historic attempt at a rebellion caused by the President of the United States. As a professor of the Constitution, I was able to repair the damage to American democracy. I firmly believe that it will take years. [These] The event left an indelible and perhaps irreparable scar on our country. “

It’s not a difficult theory to lag behind for two reasons.

First, the ease with which domestic terrorists broke through the Capitol is horrifying. Despite sufficient warnings about large-scale protests and chatter discovered by law enforcement agencies about attacks on the Houses of Parliament, there were not enough peacekeepers to prevent riots. Long-term additional assistance was sought at the beginning of the siege before the event and before the final arrival of additional units.

Undoubtedly, while tracking attacks on news, social media, and subsequent news reports, I saw an acquaintance at the Capitol that day.

Maybe it was your state senator, like Doug Mastriano, smiling and laughing as if he didn’t care about the world. Or maybe he was a former state legislature member and a professor at St. Vincent University, a candidate for Congress like Rick Saccorn.

There is no evidence that either violated the Capitol, but Saccorn sent this video message on Twitter. “We live in front of the US Capitol, and hundreds of thousands of people are raiding the Capitol. They broke the gate … we were with all the evil people who betrayed the President. I’m trying to run out of RINO (a Republican by name only) … We’re calling on Vice President Mike Pence to support the President. “

Or you might have seen a local patrolman wearing a hat that said “Trump 2020: Fuck Feelings”. For many, that’s the scariest thing. Know that someone who is supposed to protect you is a Trump supporter enough to travel to DC and wear an aggressive hat. So is Thomas Goldie, a Zerienopur police officer photographed there. The town mayor told me that the city’s Legal Department was investigating, but also told KDKA that Goldie wouldn’t be a problem if he was just there and didn’t participate in the mayhem.

But most know that police officers are openly assisting white supremacists and assisting men who have ordered the military to go for a photo shoot with tear gas on a crowd of real protesters. It’s scary for people.

A resident of Zerienopur, who asked not to reveal his identity, asks his own question about Goldie’s presence in DC. Residents said they were legitimately worried about being pulled by police officers who were very enthusiastic about Trump.

Pittsburgh Current is looking for information about local police officers who attended the rally. Especially in the light of recent news that the Department of Justice is investigating certain police officers and military members about the role they may have played in planning or executing a rebellion. With questions / emotions sent to the flow of one person living in a small town where such officers roam freely, before everyone starts yelling, such as the rights of the First Amendment and what to do in their own time. finish. Street.

What was his level of involvement, support, and enthusiasm for domestic terrorist acts and coup attempts that he traveled outside the state to attend?

How is his “Fuck Your Feelings” slogan reflected in his police?

3.3. Did the feelings of American voters, those who didn’t vote for Trump, or the individuals who terrorized yesterday at the Capitol were “violated”?

4.4. Is he planning to attend or celebrate future coup attempts?

5. Did other members of the Zelienople law enforcement agency attend yesterday?

6. If so, do they also want a particular group of emotions to be “violated”?

7. Does he wear a “Fuck Your Feelings” hat on his uniform?

8. If not, how did he see his desire to participate in a planned coup attempt and his ability to distinguish between ignoring the feelings of others and the ability of unbiased police? Is it?

9. Does Zelienople Borough or the police station endorse Goldie officer’s attendance at the coup or his visible clothing statement?

Donald Trump’s attempt to overthrow the Republic failed , But the Danger to our Democracy still exists Source link Donald Trump’s attempt to overthrow the Republic failed , But the Danger to our Democracy still exists

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