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Dont Worry If You Have Gynecomastia and You Want To Join Defence Forces

Tip: Below article is for aspirants of Defence Force, military, air force, police, government jobs, navy, and security forces & who are working in these filed and having problems of Gynecomastia.

Enlargement of the male breast is most common in young men of military age, and many patients whose deformity would remain hidden in civilian life, are discovered during the rigid physical examinations for entry into military service. Those with gross breast enlargements are rejected for induction, but due to the inevitably hasty examinations of huge numbers of men under a rapid mobilization program, a considerable number of men with lesser degrees of gynecomastia are accepted for service. The privacy of the individual practically disappears in Navy life, and with the exposure of such a breast enlargement, the patient becomes the butt of ridicule from his ship-mates. Nearly all such patients suffer extreme mental anguish from their condition. Some omit swimming or other sports in which the under-shirt is removed and suffer great humiliation.

What To Look Forward When At Military Entrance Processing Station?

When a candidate enters a Military Entrance Processing Station there are a number of testing and screenings that await him. It is a day-long process. Military Entrance Processing Station then determines whether or not a candidate is suitable for a particular job. They do this while abiding by certain rules and regulations, and then a candidate’s credibility to work in the United States Armed Forces is tested. First, a pre-screening is carried out and once it is cleared an appointment with a local Military Entrance Processing Station is scheduled.

Medical Evaluation Importance and Steps

Military Entrance Processing Station makes it a point to analyze the overall health condition of a person entering the army. This is a very important step. A person will be able to serve the nation only if he or she is in sound health. If Military Entrance Processing Station finds any glitch they straightaway reject a person’s candidature. So, these medical examinations are like the backbone for getting selected in the US army.

A typical medical examination consists of the following-

  • Height and weight measurements
  • Muscle group and joint maneuvers, in underclothing
  • Complete physical examination and interview
  • Specialized test, if required
  • Hearing and vision examinations
  • Urine and blood tests
  • Drug and alcohol tests
  • Medical technicians aid a candidate when it comes to filling out one’s medical history. This is an important step as it highlights underlying problems or even predicts a future health problem.

Women are tested by a different procedure altogether. They are taken to a separate room and are provided a gown or a drape. A physician tests women in a private room one by one. Women are asked to get a pregnancy test done and there are lady attendants to guide them. MPES are very different for women than men.

Guidelines for Physical Standards

In order to get into the US Army, it is very much important for the candidate to be both physically and mentally fit. The criteria given for getting selected are mentioned below. It is very important to get through medical information as there are many witty candidates that get rejected on medical grounds. Thus, this is a very important parameter to get through it with flying colors. So, get examined to avoid disappointment in the future.

This involves people getting their minor ailments to get corrected. These tests must be done in a medical hospital which is recommended at the SSB. The ailments that a person can get treated are listed below.

What Causes Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a condition that leads to men having enlarged breasts. This happens due to the disruption of hormonal balance in a man’s body. When the testosterone level in a man’s body decreases then it gives rise to this very condition. There are a number of reasons that trigger this very condition in men. In addition to this, there exist several underlying reasons that can trigger this condition including aging, drugs, etc.

Are people suffering from Gynecomastia allowed in US Army?

There answer to this question is a big NO. If a boy suffering from gynecomastia applies for a position in the Army then he will surely be rejected. The medical officer will straightaway reject an application having this very condition. But there is one respite. One can get this condition corrected and then reapply.

The severity of gynecomastia is mentioned below-

  • Grade I: Minor enlargement of breasts in men, no skin excess
  • Grade II: Moderate enlargement of breasts in men, no skin excess
  • Grade III: Moderate enlargement of breasts in men, skin excess
  • Grade IV: Marked enlargement of breasts in men, skin excess

How Gynecomastia can be treated?

Gynecomastia can be treated either by medical treatment or by surgical methods. Medical treatment involves the treatment of man boobs by medicines. When using surgical methods there exist two types of surgeries. One is liposuction surgery and the other one is muscle excision method. These methods remove the excess fat from one’s body.

What will happen if one develops gynecomastia while serving in the military?

When a person who is serving the military develops this condition then he does not have much to worry about. But there is a fair share of physiological trauma that comes with gynecomastia. But one should not panic and just get himself corrected. A good thing about being in service while getting this condition is that one can get the surgery for free. This surgery is done in hospitals such as Tripler Army Hospital in Hawaii, Walter Reed Hospital in D.C., etc.So, if one is in service then there is nothing to worry about. Just talk to your superiors and get wise counsel.

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