DoorDash Expands Marketplace Offering with Alcohol On Demand

With customers in 20 states Washington District You can now order wine, beer, or spirits for on-demand delivery or collection from thousands of restaurants, grocery stores, and retail stores.

DoorDash today announces that it will accelerate the delivery of beer, wine and spirits in 20 states and the District of Columbia, as well as Canada and Australia, through the DoorDash Marketplace, to reach more than 100 million customers worldwide. Did.Customers in certain legally permitted markets are on the DoorDash app[アルコール]You can switch to the tab to browse and safely order a variety of drinks from restaurants, grocery stores, local retailers, and convenience stores. The news follows a multi-year journey to use DoorDash’s white-label fulfillment service, DoorDash Drive, to deliver alcohol on demand to many domestic and local merchants via its own channel. increase.

“Over the past year, many cities in which we do business have developed legislation to allow the delivery of alcohol to residents’ homes. In the meantime, we have merchants, customers and Dashers. We have worked tirelessly to build a reliable alcohol ordering and delivery experience. ” Caitlin McNamara, Director of Alcohol Strategy and Operations at DoorDash. “We are committed to providing merchants and Dashers with new revenue opportunities, providing their customers with a safe, high-quality experience and becoming a responsible leader in compliant alcohol delivery.”

DoorDash is proud to offer a wide variety of drinks for any special occasion. DoorDash has created an alcohol catalog containing 30,000 SKUs that can be purchased at thousands of retail stores and restaurants nationwide to provide customers with a seamless alcohol ordering experience. This is a takeaway drink from your favorite local restaurant, or a nearby local store.In addition, with recent rollouts DoubleDash, Customers in some markets can now bundle alcohol with restaurant meals on specific orders.

Create opportunities for restaurants and retailers to grow online

according to Recent Nielsen Report, Alcohol is the fastest growing e-commerce sector of all consumer packaging, and many DoorDash retailers and restaurants are increasing sales due to the reach and visibility of the DoorDash Marketplace. increase. Today, according to the National Restaurant Association 56% of customers People over the age of 21 say they are more likely to order alcoholic beverages if offered as part of a food delivery order from a restaurant.

At DoorDash, the addition of alcohol can increase the average order value of restaurants and grocery stores by up to 30%, and can increase convenience stores by more than 50%. That’s why DoorDash is working with restaurants to actively support legislation that allows restaurants to serve alcoholic beverages and increase sales through delivery. DoorDash works closely with local governments to allow restaurant partners to add alcohol to their delivery menus and benefit from the increased sales they bring.

“We are excited to expand our online business, reach our guests in new ways and create special moments at home,” he said. Laura La Vigne, Marketing Director of Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar. “It’s great to have the option to add homemade cocktails, four packs of crafthouse beer, or wine to a festive or casual meal as part of our partnership with DoorDash.”

Responsible, obedient and safe alcohol delivery

DoorDash is committed to building products that can support the complexity and responsibilities associated with delivering alcohol. DoorDash has strengthened industry standards by implementing several safeguards within its product, including:

  • Strict identity verification prior to checkout and multiple identity checkpoints along the delivery ensure that customers are of legal age.
  • For more information on the company’s identity verification process and other restrictions on alcohol delivery, here;
  • With Dashers over the entire duration of delivery to remind you of compliance courses available to ensure that Dashers over the age of 21 are aware of the laws regarding alcohol delivery, and proper protocols for legal delivery. Contact us regularly.
  • Allows customers to voluntarily exclude alcohol orders from DoorDash. Exclusions from alcohol delivery also exclude people from direct marketing communications surrounding alcohol-related here Send an exclusion request.
  • Additional support and resources related to alcohol consumption are always available. here..

To reinforce these efforts, DoorDash has partnered with two organizations, and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), to promote alcohol responsibility and prevent underage drinking. I am proud to announce. Responsibility. Is a national non-profit organization that aims to eliminate drunk driving and underage drinking and allow adults to choose responsible alcohol for the rest of their lives as part of a balanced lifestyle. We are affiliated with org. continues to promote Corporate Responsibility Initiatives surrounding DoorDash’s alcohol supply, provides guidance for future product building based on industry-leading research, and makes responsible decisions with DoorDash’s customers. Helps to provide the shared resources that surround us. In addition, DoorDash has partnered with Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) to begin a dialogue on preventing underage drinking through market purchases. DoorDash is also affiliated Retail drink australia When Drinkwise of Australia Further expanding our commitment to responsible service of alcohol in other countries.

“We are proud to work with DoorDash to strengthen our community and road responsibility efforts by providing guidance and proven resources to prevent drunk driving and underage drinking. “. Chris Swonger, President and Chief Executive Officer, Spirit Liquor Council United States of America And “Whether you are a Dasher, a restaurant employee, or a customer, we are all stronger when united by a commitment to a culture of alcohol responsibility.”

DoorDash Expands Marketplace Offering with Alcohol On Demand

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