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Denver, Colorado 2021-09-07 20:12:15 –

Douglas County, Corona — Tuesday’s Douglas County Commission officially withdraws from the Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) and establishes its own health agency for discomfort due to mask mandates and other COVID-19 restrictions. Was resolved.

At a special meeting on Tuesday, Abe Raydon, George Tyr, and Lora Thomas all voted for the resolution. The resolution will formally complete the county’s withdrawal from TCHD, which will serve Adams, Arapaho, and Douglas County, and will establish a Douglas County Health Organization called the Douglas County Health Department in accordance with the resolution.

The commissioner’s move to accelerate the process and leave TCHD is the agency’s move. Health committee voted Last month, indoor schools and childcare settings required masks for everyone over the age of two, withdrawing the ability of individual counties to opt out of public health order.

The commissioner had Previously voted to opt out Of the Ministry of Public Health order requesting a mask at school. However, the Douglas County School District said it was following Tri-County guidelines and required masks from students in the school district.

The county has 90 days to appoint a health committee.First reported during a pre-voting work session on Tuesday Douglas County News-PressThe Board has agreed to the first appointment of the new Douglas County Health Department to the Health Committee. Board duties include two members, Thomas and Thiel, and current Tri-County directors, Dr. Linda Fielding and Kim Muramoto. Doug Benevento has also been appointed, according to Wendy Manita Holmes, communications director in Douglas County. The board will vote on September 14 to formalize the appointment.

The organization will be established when the Health Commission meets for the first time, according to Douglas County lawyer Lance Ingalls. The county had previously budgeted for the service and will be contracting with TCHD for the rest of 2021. Raydon has assured the public that there are no gaps in service.

The commissioner has not given details on how or how the county pays its health agency. However, the county said it was eligible to distribute the state’s per capita public health fund and grants to support the newly established Douglas County Health Department, which serves more than 350,000 people. Mr Thiel said he did not anticipate a tax increase at this time.

At least not yet, Douglas County does not support the move to withdraw from TCHD. In the letter Arapahoe County lawyer Ron Karl, sent to Ingalls before the vote on Tuesday, told the Commission to refrain from proceeding with the withdrawal process due to potential economic and service implications for Arapahoe and Adams County. I asked.

Karl asked the Commissioner to suspend the process until the three counties served by TCHD discuss these potential issues and reach a consensus strategy. County lawyers threatened to take legal action to force the county to pay a portion of TCHD’s statutory costs if the commissioner continued as planned. Karl also claims that the resolution violates state law. State law requires a notice to be issued a year in advance before the county can legally withdraw.

However, a resolution passed on Tuesday claims that the county meets legal requirements.The resolution is Letter Commissioner sent to TCHD Last July, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, he notified authorities of Douglas County’s intention to leave the department due to the board’s dissatisfaction with Mask’s obligations and home orders.But last November, the commissioner finally Agreed to stay in TCHD At least until December 31, 2022.

At a meeting on Tuesday, Ingalls reached an agreement with Tri County when Douglas County withdrew its July 2020 notice, provided the county had the option to opt out of public health orders. Therefore, he said the county had a legal basis to prove. He claims that last month’s Tri-County vote to revoke the opt-out option violated the deal.

Douglas County School District wrote to parents on Tuesday, remembering that the school district is still under TCHD jurisdiction and that all individuals over the age of 2 must wear a face cover, regardless of vaccination status. I was allowed to. All school and child care settings.

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