Downtown Cleveland Starbucks votes to form union – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2022-05-24 15:05:26 –

Cleveland (WJW) – Workers Starbucks On Tuesday, West 6 Street in Cleveland unanimously voted to form a union.

It became one of the first Starbucks locations in Ohio and joined the store in downtown Columbus.

“Today represents a major victory for West 6th Street Starbucks workers, and for the entire Cleveland labor movement,” North Shore AFL-CIO Secretary-General Dan O’Mary said in a statement.

“These hourly workers worked together to form a collective voice at work and endured a relentless attack from expensive union busters. No matter what adversity comes, Starbucks employees I stood strong and won. Congratulations and welcome to my family on behalf of the Cleveland labor movement. “

West6th Street Store Employee Submitted a petition Cooperated with the National Labor Relations Commission for the union representative election in early January.

The Buffalo store in New York was the first store that Starbucks formed a union at the end of 2021. Shortly thereafter, workers petitioned for the same in more than 50 other locations.

Downtown Cleveland Starbucks votes to form union Source link Downtown Cleveland Starbucks votes to form union

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