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Downtown Home Tour aims to show urban living options in Oklahoma City – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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All of the lifelong coronaviruses thrown in downtown Oklahoma City have been uplifted for a long time, and although it was dark for the rest of the time, Sharaina Jackson, who lives there, wasn’t too worried about COVID-19.

“No, I didn’t. I didn’t meet many people. It was kind of apocalyptic,” she said.

At the beginning of last year’s pandemic, downtown was almost empty when sales offices were closed and workers went to remote areas. People living downtown, such as Jackson, a resident of Maywood Apartments, stayed most of the time.

Life in downtown is from noon to 4 pm on August 8th Oklahoma City Downtown Partnership And that Business improvement district..

Sharaina Jackson loves the view of the skyline from the Maywood Apartments, 425N Oklahoma Avenue 3rd floor apartment, which is the stop for the Downtown OKC Home Tour on August 8.

A free self-guided tour will show you different places to live. Start with participating facilities, but you can sign up for Eventbrite in advance and then use your digital or physical ticket to ride OKC street cars one after another for free.

Some people moved from some downtown locations last year, but property-specific statistics weren’t available.

Daniel Dodson, Communications Manager, Oklahoma City Downtown Partnership, said:

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Steelyard Apartments, 505 E Sheridan Ave., is the stop for the Downtown OKC Home Tour on August 8.

Stop by OKC Downtown Home Tour

•• Block 42, 223 NE4.

•• Bauer, 641 NW4.

•• Civic OKC, 627 Couch Drive, No.N11.

•• Bricktown Hill, 418 NE1 Terrace.

•• Maywood Apartments, 425N Oklahoma Avenue.

•• Steel Yard Apartments, 505E Sheridan Avenue.

•• Villa Teresa Residence, 1327N Dewey Avenue.

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Oklahoma City's 625 NW 4 Bauer will be part of the Downtown OKC Home Tour.

Jackson moved downtown a year ago when the pandemic seemed to bring apocalypse by emptying the city of cars and people. A 40-year-old business consultant, along with his son Kenneth, 19, moved from a large home on a large site in Midwest City.

She loves to live downtown, especially the view from Maywood’s third-floor apartment, which perfectly surrounds the 50-story Devon Tower and other skyscrapers, she said.

The main drawbacks are limited street parking for guests and the lack of a grocery store. She returns to Midwest City to buy food.

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The Civic OKC in downtown Oklahoma City, Victoria and Mike Dodson condos on 627 Couch Drive.

Welcome from the suburbs to the city “Dramatic change”

Mike Dodson, 69, and his wife, Victoria, 68, have moved from a large custom home in the Oakdale Valley on Hefner Road and Suner Road in northeastern Oklahoma City to downtown Civic OKC.

He said it was a “dramatic change” from a 2,800-square-foot, four-bedroom, three-bathroom home on a quarter-acre site to a 1,300-square-foot condo. It was time.

“Our entire marriage was a suburban life,” he said. Now, “We love living downtown. We wanted to be close to the homeless.” — We can work with cross-training to “help men become better husbands, fathers, and businessmen.” It came to be.

Oklahoma City's 418NE 1 Terrace, Bricktown Hill, will be part of the Downtown OKC Home Tour.

And Mike Dodson said, “We knew we were old,” so we were ready to go down. They gave their children what they wanted in their possessions and gave the poor the rest.

Dodson said he missed the big backyard where his grandchildren played. “But you can’t miss cutting it.” It’s a refrain often heard by people who are looking for an urban lifestyle away from the suburbs.

There is no contest for residents.

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Oklahoma City's Civic OKC, 627 Couch Drive will be part of the Downtown OKC Home Tour.

“Suburban alternative”

“Downtown is not” competing “with the suburbs. Living downtown is an alternative to the suburbs, “said Daniel Dodson. “If you live in the center and are looking for a place that is easy to walk in and has access to public transport, downtown may be the best choice.

“Downtown and its surroundings are a vibrant place with a unique community feel. Whether or not you live downtown is entirely up to you. Downtown Home Tour gives you a glimpse of what downtown life is all about. This is a great opportunity. “

It appeals to a wide range of demographics, she said. “We see everything from young professionals to empty nest syndrome.”

She is a member of the community herself.

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425N Oklahoma Ave in Oklahoma City. Maywood Apartments, located in, will be part of the Downtown OKC Home Tour.

There are various housing options in downtown OKC

“I’ve lived in Midtown for six years and cycle every day to the Leadership Square office,” she said. “Reducing commuting and living close to what I enjoy was one of the biggest reasons I chose to stay downtown.

“Hip bars, the best coffee in the city, unique local retailers, endless eateries, everything I could want is just a few miles away.”

She said there are a variety of housing options in downtown Oklahoma City.

“You can find luxury condos and rental lofts, historic homes, luxury condos and town homes. But there is a shortage of labor housing. It’s encouraging to see. Further development of the work It will fill this gap in the market. “

Located at 1200 blocks of Classen Drive in Oklahoma City, Villa Teresa Residences will be part of the Downtown OKC Home Tour.

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