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Tampa, Florida 2021-12-03 04:50:15 –

Most of the companies in downtown New Port Richey are locally owned and operated, and many support local artists and craftsmen.

We stopped by Lis’s Pieces Artisan Boutique and Attic.

Lisa Langford, with just eight artists and 800 square feet, started her business almost three years ago.

Today it is growing. Currently, they have over 6,000 square feet and 126 artists, and are looking for more artists.

“95% of our products are handmade and don’t wait on the freighter. Looking around, our store is packed and we’re just starting Christmas merchandising, so this Is probably only 33% of what it is today. It will be available in stores in the next two weeks, “Langford explained. “Come here and give someone a gift from Lis’s Pieces and you’re buying an original handmade piece. It’s lovingly packaged and provided boutique wrapping and a smile.”

The store is huge. Around the corner, you’ll meet Lisa’s two sons, who run the attached coffee shop.

“We are a West Coast style coffee shop. We make ridiculous and cute drinks like you would expect somewhere in California. It’s a lot of fun. Ours,” said Tanner Bruce, owner of The Blues Brothers Beanery. Let your creativity flow wild. “

It’s also pretty unique. The duo buys coffee every 7 days, so freshly roasted coffee will be shipped immediately. It’s all organic, non-GMO, vegan-style coffee.

These two businesses not only support local artists in the community, but are also part of the recent success of downtown New Port Richey.

Tom Diaz, Marketing Specialist City in New Port Richey, said: I really want to see it. We want the local craftsmen to not only see the wonderful artwork and their crafts, but also give them some exposure. “

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Downtown New Port Richey boutique supports local artists Source link Downtown New Port Richey boutique supports local artists

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