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Denver, Colorado 2021-09-20 20:17:23 –

Denver-Autistic students at Denver Public School said he was left waiting with other students when the bus they were supposed to go to for horse treatment never appeared. rice field. Travis Howell said he was devastated and the students would instead watch a video of the horse.

“I couldn’t go, so I just rode a horse and saw something. That was good. At least I would have enjoyed it,” Howell said. “The other students were really tired of it.”

Contact Denver7 has contacted Denver Public School for explanation, but the district has not yet responded.

Howell’s mom, Larain Stacy, said they still wanted the program to continue after the first incident on the bus. She said she received a call the following week that her horse treatment program would be canceled due to transportation problems.

“I was crying. As I said, there’s not much they can do because they don’t have. This is what they really look forward to and benefits them. That’s stupid. Get rid of it for shipping, “Stacy said.

The Equine Partnership Program, an Elizabeth-based non-profit organization, was to work with DPS students. Founder and program director Lee Dudley said six volunteers and two therapists were waiting for the children to arrive, but they didn’t show up. She also said the district told her that the program was canceled due to transportation problems.

“We also hurt. We were really excited,” Dudley explained, bringing seven new horses for the program.

She said the grant that DPS was using to fund the treatment could have been provided to another school. If she can’t find another school to take the place, she will have to return the grant and her nonprofits will be adversely affected.

“I hope they can find it in their minds to help these people and provide transportation, and if they can’t, someone else so they don’t miss this Please find someone. ” Stacy.

According to Stacy, some students have a hard time understanding what happened when they were so excited to work with a horse.

“One of the non-verbal children melted a little and sat in the middle of the floor and cried. He was really angry. They were all disappointed,” Stacy said.

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DPS students devastated after equine therapy is canceled Source link DPS students devastated after equine therapy is canceled

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