Dr. Deborah Birx suggests that inauguration-related rallies could be “superspreader” events

CDC adviser Dr. Deborah Birx, a former coordinator of the Trump White House’s Coronavirus Task Force, suggested that the rally surrounding President Biden’s inauguration could be a deadly but superspreading event. Coronavirus.. Burkes told moderator Margaret Brennan in an interview aired on Sunday’s Face the Nation that the National Guard’s “maskless, harmonious living and eating” is of paramount concern. It was.

“Currently, the District of Columbia has National Guard from all states within the union. Probably the youngest individual most likely to get an asymptomatic infection if infected. And they are united. They live and eat masklessly, 25 to 30,000 of them from all over the United States, “Birx said.

Former US Army Colonel Burkes said the National Guard was “trying to carry out their mission” regardless of the risks presented before them.

“Gathering 30,000 people who are known to be most likely to get asymptomatic infections and have not pre-screened, pre-tested, and continuously tested all of these troops, these are Become a dedicated army. Their mission. They can promise you to sacrifice their own health to fulfill their mission, because it came from me. You sacrifice for others from the military. They fulfill their mission. “

Burkes’ comment on Brennan called on National Guard members to leave the National Guard building and move to a nearby parking lot to rest during the shift after spending days in the cold to secure the US Capitol. Following the deadly siege two weeks ago, it has been in the midst of criticism of Capitol Hill.

The decision elicited swift criticism from lawmakers, including Senate leader Chuck Schumer, who called the move “outrageous.” The move reversed late Thursday.

Burkes told Brennan later in the interview that the indoor maskless gathering was “not okay,” but Americans would make a mistake.

“We all make mistakes. We are humans. If we make mistakes, if there is a rally, at least take a test, wear a mask around vulnerable people, expose and get infected. Assuming that you wear a mask around vulnerable people.

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised Americans not to travel or mix with people outside their homes, Burkes himself was flooded by gathering with his family for a Thanksgiving vacation. ..

She described her criticism of Brennan as unfair because she lives part-time with her older parents and grandchildren and does not consider them outside of her immediate family. Mr. Burkes said he would split the time between two separate homes to “protect them from me” during the period when he had to quarantine after a work-related trip. She said the rally blowback “tested” her and her family.

Details of the Birx interview will air on CBS’s “Face the Nation” this Sunday at 10:30 EST.

Dr. Deborah Birx suggests that inauguration-related rallies could be “superspreader” events

Source link Dr. Deborah Birx suggests that inauguration-related rallies could be “superspreader” events

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