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“There is no evidence that the COVID vaccine” causes reproductive problems, “” Dr. Anthony Fauci said in an interview with Jake Tapper after claiming that Nicki Minaj had “powerless” his cousin’s friend. rice field.

Dr. Anthony Fauci It’s heavy Nicki MinajAnti-vaccine stance during his latest appearance CNN.. An 80-year-old doctor and immunologist explained: Jake Tapper 38 year old rapper “Disseminate incorrect information” A series of September 13 after admitting that she had not been vaccinated with COVID-19 and claiming that one of the vaccines caused her cousin’s friend to become “helpless” and “swollen testicles”. You can check it by tweeting.

“Pfizer, Moderna, or [Johnson & Johnson] vaccination Do both men and women cause reproductive problems? Jake asked Dr. Forch after mentioning Nikki’s tweet at the CNN show that can be seen above.

“The answer, Jake is definitely no,” he replied. “There is no evidence that it will happen, and there is no mechanical reason to imagine it happening.”

Tupper then continued to ask how authorities could stop disseminating false information about vaccines brought about by powerful stars such as Nikki. “It’s very difficult. There’s a lot of false information, mostly on social media,” Fauci explained. “The only way we know to counter false or disinformation is to provide a lot of correct information … these claims may be innocent on her side — I’m her It’s not the fault — but she really should think twice about disinformation. There’s no basis other than a one-off anecdote. That’s not all about science. “

Fauci’s reaction to Nikki was the day after she made a headline because she dropped out. MTV Video Music Awards And 2021 MET Gala When she became infected with COVID-19. “I was preparing for vmas, so did you shoot a video and guess who got the COVID?” She wrote on social media before Gala.She went on to explain that sadly she couldn’t be around Her 11 month old son Because of the virus, before admitting that she had not been vaccinated.

“They want you to be vaccinated Metropolitan Museum of Art.. If I get vaccinated, that doesn’t apply to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you feel that you have done enough research, that will be the case. I’m working on it now. In the meantime, keep my loved ones safe. Wear the mask with two strings that grab your head and face. It’s not that loose, “read one of her tweets.
Dr. Forch condemned Nicki Minaj’s claim that the COVID vaccine could “neutralize” men. (BroadImage / Shutterstock)

Nikki When people discussed further about whether they should be vaccinated, they followed up on a tweet about her cousin’s friend. “My cousin in Trinidad doesn’t get the vaccine because his friend got it and was helpless,” read her tweet, which can be seen above. “His testicles were swollen. His friend was a few weeks away from marriage, but now the girl has canceled the wedding, so instead of just praying for it and being bullied, you are yours. Make sure you are happy with your decision. “

Nikki has not yet answered Dr. Fauci’s comment.

Dr. Forch Replyes to Nicki Minaj’s Vaccination Tweet with New Video – Hollywood Life

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