Dr. Seuss tops Amazon’s bestseller list

Some Dr. Seuss books topped Amazon’s best-selling list a few days after the author’s property said so. Stop publishing Six books containing racist or offensive images.

Dr. Seuss Enterprise, which preserves the author’s legacy, said he worked with a committee of experts to decide on a book that “hurts people and portrays them the wrong way.” Titles such as “I think I saw it on Mulberry Street,” “Scrambled Egg Supermarket!” And “Cat Quiz” were sold out at bookstores.

On Thursday, nine Dr. Seuss books were ranked in the top 10 of Amazon’s best-selling list, with “The Cat in the Hat” at number one. ll Go ”,“ Green Eggs and Ham ”.

Resale prices on sites like eBay were listed at higher prices under the marketing of “banned” rare collectibles.

His real name is Theodore Sousse Geisel, Sousse is still one of the most popular children’s writers in history, with a collection of 45 books sold in more than 100 countries and translated more than 12 times. He is best known for his whimsical work. Imagine big and small fantastic creatures that help children teach important life lessons in couplets.

However, some of his work has attracted criticism of the harmful stereotypes of the ethnic community. The 1937 title Mulberry Street included a character with pigtails, chopsticks, and a conical hat. He is called “Chinaman” and is the only character painted in yellow.

Doctor Seus
Dr. Seuss will publish a book in 2019.

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Yellow was removed in 1978 and the character was renamed “Chinese”. However, caricatures of Arabs and Africans remained. On the other hand, many Dr. Seuss books featuring non-human characters encourage readers to be inclusive, kind and generous.

“I think he’s like a lot of white people, including myself. I’m not completely aware of how racism shaped his own imagination,” said Dr. Seuss. He told CBS News, author Philip Nel, who wrote three books about Seuss. “I think it’s not uncommon for him to be both anti-racist and racist at the same time. I think it’s actually pretty common.”

Dr. Seuss Enterprises said on Tuesday that it would continue to review the catalog. “Discontinuing the sale of these books is part of our commitment and broader plans to ensure that Dr. Seuss Enterprise’s catalog represents and supports all communities and families. It’s just that, “the organization said in a statement.

Adriana Diaz contributed to the report.

Dr. Seuss tops Amazon’s bestseller list

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